In the past few years a large demand of our services has emerged from people who work at home. We offer different services, like the contact center form home, that enables workers to work at home efficiently.

Working at home, also known as home entrepreneur, or freelance, refers to jobs that can be done at home. More and more professionals contact us looking for new phone solutions that adjust to their way of working.


contact center from home

what are the advantages of a contact center from home?

  • No more transportation, traffic, parking…etc
  • More autonomy
  • More flexibility
  • It is compatible with family life
  • Fewer arguments with collegues
  • Fewer stress


what jobs can be done with a contact center from home?

Most jobs unfortunately can not be done at home. So, Which jobs can actually be done with a contact center from home?

Some of the jobs that can be done at our own home are jobs such as blogger, photographer, web designer, translator, journalist, writer…etc

What resources do I need for working from home?

In general, the only resources required to perform your job at home are a computer, a phone line and an internet connection. Although, specific complementary resources might be needed depending on the job in particular.

If you achieve your pre-established objectives successfully you will soon be receiving a large number of calls. This can result overwhelming and can end with the peacefulness and flexibility of working at home.

A large number of incoming calls may be a trigger factor to an undistinguished personal and professional life. It is particularly problematic if you use your personal phone number for work calls too.

Therefore you need to implement a tool for managing your calls: a virtual PBX, or a call center software.


A PBX to work from home


At this moment there are two types of PBX in the market: physical and virtual PBX.

The physical PBXs have shown among the time that they are trustworthy but they are not yet the best option for workers that work at home because of a simple reason: the price of the equipment.

The virtual PBXs are less known than the traditional ones but they are as effective as them. Thanks to being hosted in the cloud, would not have any additional cost and will be able to enjoy all the necessary features to provide a professional and serious image. Also, they will enable having a good separation between professional and private life. Among these features of the contact center from home we can find:

  • Welcome messages
  • Call branch
  • Call recorder
  • Schedules
  • Calls transfer
  • Voice mail
  • Call queue
  • Access to statistics

Ask for more information on our website and we will be delighted to advise you find the most suitable option for working at home: virtual PBX, or contact center from home.

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