How is it possible to monitor the teleworking of remote teams in a productive way?

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Nov 30
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Remote working was forced upon companies and workers during the 2019 pandemic that caught us all off guard. Most companies have tried, mostly with the means at hand, to find solutions so that their employees can continue to work remotely as best as possible.To ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, here are some tips for good telework supervision.

Today, fortunately, this is no longer an obligation but a choice.  Indeed, many business leaders have realised that telework can be beneficial to both the organisation and the employees and have decided to systematically alternate face-to-face and remote work. 

In order to successfully implement this new formula, however, it is necessary to offer teams powerful tools with which they can not only carry out their daily tasks efficiently but also stay in touch with their colleagues and be able to rely on the help and support of their manager if needed. 

One of the solutions that many companies have decided to implement is the virtual integrated communications platform, which allows multiple interactions to be managed on a single interface: receiving, transferring and sending calls, communicating internally with employees via chat, voice or video, responding to instant messaging interactions or call buttons installed on the company’s site, …. all of which are integrated into the company’s CRM in order to have access to all the latest information from customers.

With this tool, employees can log in anywhere, from any device and complete their tasks as if they were in the office. Of course, it is up to each individual to adapt to this new formula and to demonstrate their efficiency, responsibility and sense of duty, but this is true in both cases, in the office and at home. How can this be controlled?

Boss, manager, supervisor… how to find the balance between telework supervision and supporting employees?


In order to supervise and control the execution of the tasks entrusted to the employees, it is important to find a tool that allows us to monitor the activity of our employees and to accompany them at the same time, without committing excesses; management must be based on the trust placed in the employees. However, it is important for the supervisor to have a tool that allows him/her to monitor, in real time, what is happening in the company but also to be able to accompany the employees on a daily basis.

However, remote working can have negative effects in the long term, such as demotivation or a feeling of isolation among employees. Being able to be in constant contact with colleagues and the supervisor reduces these risks. It is undeniable that employee motivation is a key element in increasing productivity. Therefore,measures should be put in place to ensure telework supervision.

Our supervision platform offers the manager the possibility to see in real time and from any location, the status of employees, their location, the history of calls or messages exchanged, with the possibility to listen to a conversation or intervene during a call. He will have access to exhaustive reports on all internal and external employee interactions. The supervisor will be able to interact with each user from his interface, by messaging, voice or video call, etc. …. These interactions allow for better cooperation between employees and management

It is not always easy to find the right balance between control and support without going overboard, being too strict or too trusting. The use of an adapted supervision tool will allow to transform the task of telework supervision into a solution of expertise and collaboration with the accompaniment of the employee. This will develop mutual trust and thus a better relationship within the company. Fonvirtual’s supervisor platform is essential for any company with employees working remotely. Contact us if you want to know more!


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