A Click to Call button is a new, innovative way that users can call your business. They may call you directly by simply clicking on a button on your website. On average, roughly 75% of users prefer to navigate a website on their cell phone over a desktop. They prefer speaking and using their cell phone rather than communicating through email. Because of this, users are more likely to contact a company first by looking for a call option on their website. When using a call button, they will be directed to the company immediately, vs an email that could take several hours to get a response.

Raise Your Conversion


Because most websites are navigated through a cell phone, it is convenient to have a click to call button option on your website to improve how many calls you receive from potential customers. This gives users a much more comfortable way to reach you. With web calling, you can also track where your calls are coming from. Because of this, this can help make conversations easier by knowing what they might be looking for. By being able to view information on your calls, it’s easier to know where they are calling from and why they may be calling.


Go Beyond Voice


A conventional telephone call is restricted to only a voice connection. A call button enables you to effortlessly use video calling, cobrowsing, online chat, and share documents.

These additional features can help significantly improve the way communication works in your business. You can divide the importance of your clients. You may also create a more customized experience for each client if you already know what they are calling about. You can even have video conferences with clients so that you may speak face-to-face even if you are several miles away. With co browsing, you can each see the same screen.


Easy Dial For International Calls


By having a call button, you can give users from around the world an opportunity to reach you without having to worry about long distance costs. By choosing a toll-free number, this gives them one less thing to worry about. For an international number, they may call you from any area code. The area code that appears to them is usually taken from the number they are calling from. That way, it always appears as though they are calling a local number when using Click to Call.



Click to call


Detailed Report


By using a call button, your conversations will be much smoother. You will be able to view reports on information such as the time they began browsing your site and when they logged on. You can also view when they disconnected from your call. You may also direct your calls to a different extension. By using a Click to Call button, you can take potential clients and turn them into loyal customers thanks to the easy communication access on your website.


Increase Web Based Traffic With Your Business Phone


Customers will have multiple questions based on information they may not be able to find easily online. Customers can now go onto your website and can call you easily whenever they have a question or concern while browsing your website. This can also help improve your brand since they will be easily able to contact a real person in the organization versus an automated voice for any questions they may have. This call button can help encourage the user and the caller to work together browsing the website to answer any questions or concerns they may have; almost like a tour guide for your website.


Give More Power To Your Agents


The more information and data collected, the more likely you can solve bigger potential issues in the long run. A call button can give a specialized category of data based on a single phone call conversation. They can also view which web pages they were on while on your website, as well as length of login sessions. They can even view reviews on the website. This saves your agents time on having to search and keep track of this data manually. This not only saves agents time, but now they can focus on answering as many calls as possible. Phone systems typically use voice calls. From their point of view, it is the same as calling a regular phone line, except this has added features. You can now use your existing lines to make call transfers for incoming calls. Online communication has never been easier.

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