The Museum of Failure

It seems like the obligatory first step towards success is failure. Henry Ford said it a long time ago: ‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.’ Possibly this quote served as inspiration to a Swedish clinical psychologist who decided to open The Museum of Failure.
This museum is located in Sweden and you can find there exhibitions of various failed inventions from the past – drinks, games or technological devices.
The museum gives you an insight on ideas, innovations and brainstorming processes, which have resulted in a failure.  

The Requirements To Appear In The Museum

At the moment, there are 70 exhibitions in the museum. The two basic requirements for a product to appear in the museum are innovation and failure.

  • Innovation: A new idea, product in any area which brings change.
  • Failure: An unfavourable result of a project which had been hoped to be a success.

Learning from the mistakes is an obligatory condition. Therefore it is fundamental to acknowledge them as forgetting about them could result in their repetition.

Failed Technological Innovations


  • Apple Newton

Apple Newton was a mobile device with a touchscreen which was introduced on the market in 1993. Despite the fact that the product completely failed, it was one of the first devices incorporating this kind of a screen. Looking at the development of Apple products and the latest iPhone makes it clear that Apple Newton was not a failure but rather a tool, which helped developing the world’s most successful innovation.


  • CueCat

The 90’s tech boom inspired many innovators and creators. CueCat was one of the ideas created at the end of the last century. It was supposed to serve as an Internet URL reader, similarly to barcode scanners. Its main advantage was to avoid Internet address typing. Despite the fact that millions of free articles had been handed out, the product has never become successful. Finally, CueCat ended up on the list of the worst innovations.

The Biggest Technological Failures

  • Google Glass

Possibly the Google Glass will be soon added to the list of failed innovations since Google has stopped producing them some time ago. Google wanted to create a virtual assistant installed in glasses, which would have the same features as a smartphone but the user would only have to use their voice or sight. Even if the expectations had been set very high, this product is today considered to be one of Google’s biggest failures. This is something that even the creators themselves admit.
All in all, no one knows what the future holds, maybe this product will revolutionize the market one day.

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