With the advancement of technology, the need for communication and better customer service is necessary. The first piece of technology that assists with communication and customer service is the “Click to Call” buttons you may find on a website. But what exactly is it? Why do you need it?  Will it be helpful to your business in any way? How can you use it?

In other words, Click to Call is just a form of easier, faster and more reliable communication. A person clicks a button or a link to request an immediate phone call with a customer service representative. The immediate connection can be processed on a phone call or over a cloud based phone system.

Click to call dials a number automatically for you in just a simple click. It’s that easy. You can post a button on your website or app to enable your customers to call you. For example, if you go to our Fonvirtual home page you’ll see a Click to Call button. With just one click, your phone will dial up our number in a jiffy. It’s that simple!


Why is it so important?


Click to call is important for your business because it makes it easier for your customers to reach you quickly, which would help your customers in easy and fast communication. Customers no longer need to find the “Contact Us” section of your website and manually dial your number on their phone. A click to call button phenomenon reduces any extra effort that the user would have to put up with in order to contact you. So you’ve easily and successfully removed the issue of having to manually dial a phone number. A Click to call button is also important for mobile users.This is the 21st century. We want everything to be done quickly and easily. No one wants to switch between two apps or two tabs just to dial a number. Hence, you can provide your users a quicker, easier, faster and more reliable solution to solve their problems, and you’ll have thousands of additional willing customers at your doorstep.

Fonvirtual’s “Click to Speak” is the new “Click to Call.” You can communicate for free with your customers around the world via WebRTC. Your future customers will just need to click on the Click to Speak button on your website to begin talking with one of your service providers. With this feature, they can contact your business from any location in the world, for free. Fonvirtual will connect the person scrolling through your website directly to you. By hitting Click to Speak, your company will be contacted instantly, for free, and with HD quality sound even if they call from thousands of miles away. You can also set up your Click to Speak WebRTC with greetings, schedules, call queuing, statistics and more. You‘ll be able to tell which button your calls are coming from in order to better understand the origin of each call.


click to call phenomenon


Click to Call Phenomenon: How does it work?


Another question that may come to mind is how does it work? So here is your answer. First, we will give you a simple line of code that you will copy and paste into your website to make your WebRTC Click to Call button appear. The Click to Call button works with WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal or any other web development site. Based on your website configurations, you will be able to customize the button to make it fit in nicely with the rest of your website‘s aesthetic. Any website visitor who wants to contact your company can simply click on the Click to Speak button on your site, from any location in the world. This is possible without needing a phone, needing to type in a phone number, and of course, no costs or additional fees. All thanks to VoIP WebRTC technology.

Fonvirtual’s Click to Call or Click to Speak phenomenon allows free phone calls from any location in the world. Then instantly, the call will ring in your telephone customer service agent through your WebRTC phone line, your Virtual PBX or your Call Center software and your team will be able to speak with the caller using HD quality sound and audio wherever they are located. Oh, and for free. For a single fixed fee, you will be able to receive calls with unlimited minutes through your website‘s WebRTC Click to Call button. All of the calls from the Click to Call button will be free for your clients with no extra international charges.

There are hundreds of benefits when using this feature, such as easy and free communication. Your website will look more professional. Ultimately your website will look much more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Therefore, we strongly recommend using Fonvirtual’s Click to Call feature on your website.


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