The click to call will boost the amount of bookings for your hotel or your tourity appartment.


What is the click to call?


The click to call is a service that adds value to clients who would visit your website. It works through a code that you will only have to paste and copy it in your webpage, so this way a call icon will appear to your visitors on your website. By clicking on this button, people will be instantly contacted with the company, without having to pay any call cost, because it works through the Internet. 


Furthermore the Fonvirtual click to call admits adding PBX features such as setting up customer services schedules, voicemails, call recorder…etc Those features make a more efficient and more quality call service.

to call hotel

Why is it useful to have the click to call in a hotel website?


The hospitality industry is one that has most grown in term of online sales. It is particularly significant in bookings for small hotels and tourist apartments. It is a fact that the way people travels have drastically changed in the past decades, and internet is a key factor that has leaded this disruptive change.


The click to call enables companies to answer questions and gain users trust while they are browsing in their website. It is usual that after solving any doubts that they might have people actually make their reservation. The fact that the companies is the one that makes the call to the client and not the other way around, shows accessibility and availability. These two things are very well valued on travel forums what can lean towards a chain effect of a raise in bookings.


First of all, the click to call is a tool to generate and guarantee the values of personal care that is disappearing in the industry. Trust is key when people are booking for tourist apartments through platforms which have entail a great revolution in hospitality business. In spite of the many advantages that this kind of hospedation might have, it still have to earn people’s trust.


Don’t hesitate and get your click to call in