In recent years there have been major revolutionary changes in terms of telecommunications. At the beginning, only fixed numbers exist. Now, cell phone numbers allow you to make calls from devices that do not require any wires.


Shortly afterwards, VoIP in Spain became a reality.

What is IP voice telephony and what is its origin?


IP technology is a set of resources that allow voice to be transmitted over the internet, using IP protocol. In other words, it offers the possibility of making calls using the internet.


We can say that the origin of the internet dates all the way back to 1967, when the Arpanet network was created. Four university computers were able to communicate to one another for the first time, creating the first basis of the internet. Thus, these computers managed to send the first email, file transmission, and the first call between computers. Although, at that time, the VoIP protocol did not exist as we know it today.


This technology continued to develop. In 1995, the company VocalTec was able to compress voice into data packets and transmit them over the internet. This is where IP telephony all started. You were now able to connect traditional telephone lines with VoIP. Now, you could make and receive calls using a computer instead of a landline.


It was during this time that VoIP telephony began to spread across all countries, including Spain. However, some calls still had poor connectivity.


The 21st century: VoIP in Spain


By the 21st century, VoIP was perfected and reached larger companies and users from around the world.


In 2003, Skype launched its call services that revolutionized the world of telecommunications. You could now make video calls, phone calls, and transfer data between computers connected to the internet.


A few years later, more companies launched tools on the market that made it possible to call over the internet between smartphones and computers.


Between 2007-2008, VoIP in Spain took off, thanks to pioneering companies and providers of these services.


Today, VoIP telephony plays a big role in Spain and all over the world. But large companies have already developed and make use of newer technologies, allowing stable communication through web browsers instead of downloadable programs.






The new generation of telecommunications


Technology is advancing for everyone, and what was once a great novelty is now in our memories. Yes, we are talking about VoIP in Spain.


IoT, the increase in internet use, ubiquitous connectivity, the need for instant communications, new technologies in general, all have advanced significantly since the 2000’s. All of these advances has led Google (of course) to create open source software that allows the transmission of data, voice and video through any device connected to the internet. There’s only one requirement: internet connectivity.


This new technology is called WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) and has been on the market for more than 5 years. But like everything else, it takes time for society and companies in general to become aware of this change and see the great benefits of this technology.


At Fonvirtual, we are pioneers in offering telecommunications services with WebRTC technology. With more than 10 years of experience, Fonvirtual offers virtual switchboards and call center software that works from any connected device. Thus, they offer companies total ubiquity when it comes to making phone calls.


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