In the phone center or call center world, agents very often suffer from stress. Indeed, when time is limited, work accumulates and stress occurs.

Because of this, it can often cause teams to get tired, impacting their quality of work directly.

Efficiency of a phone center

The efficiency of a phone center or call center depends on one very important factor: the productivity of its agents. When they are satisfied, they feel motivated, and therefore provide excellent customer service. This satisfaction depends greatly on the role of the phone center.

At the moment, there is a demand for new agents in call centres. Companies are increasingly relying on the outsourcing of their telemarketing projects. As a result, this generates unprecedented activity in the call centre industry.

The world of call centers today is highly competitive, and ensuring productivity can be a difficult and overwhelming task for managers.

The main responsibilities assigned to the manager

All teams need leaders. Coaches, managers and captains are all called upon to manage their teams in order to provide the best possible results. In most cases, it is not possible to rely on the skills and talents of team members alone. A strong manager is able to motivate each member of the team to inspire their best performance. That’s why you need a talented phone center manager.

Call center operators are trained to solve most customer problems on their own, using the various tools at their disposal (call recording, three-way calls, call listening, etc.)

However, there are a few complicated cases where the call must be transferred directly to the manager.

When this situation occurs, the call centre manager must generally assume three main responsibilities:

  1. Satisfy the customer and ensure the continuity of the company’s activities.
  2. Learn from the situation
  3. Share your experience with the whole team to avoid a repeated mistake


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Why is it essential to hire a phone center manager

The overall productivity of a call center depends on the performance of the agents but also on the phone center manager. This allows you to further increase the performance of your team. The manager puts in place guidelines to follow to make each project a success. They rely on the skills of all members of the team. Because it is up to the manager to know how to motivate each team member, they must be able to work with any type of personality. The manager must rely on new technology as a development pillar.

The job of a phone center is to maintain the motivation and encouragement of their agents while keeping the team responsible for objectives and deadlines.

Effective phone centers work with their teams to address issues that arise during certain calls. This allows officers to examine complex problems and prevent them from reoccurring. That way, the manager makes the task easier to complete, which reduces the stress of their agents.

The profitability of a call centre and the role of a manager

Profitability in the call center is not a formalized concept. It is manifested by the increase in online or telephone sales and is also embodied in customer prospecting and retention.

Call centers provide customer service, lead generation, opinion research and other services to small and large organizations. Call center managers must measure the productivity of their employees to maintain customer satisfaction.


Working in a call center can sometimes become boring. In many cases, agents follow a pre-established response system and processes that make them feel that their work is tedious and repetitive. The intervention of a phone center manager is the ideal solution to maintain motivation and help achieve objectives.


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