The oldest university in the western world was founded in 1088 and is the University of Bologna. Nowadays, after 930 years, there are thousands of universities in Europe. This supposes a big competence.

The organization of universities is really complex, as it counts with multiple campuses and departments.

To facilitate administrative processes and offer potential attention to the students we propose the virtual PBX.


What is a virtual PBX and what is it for?

A virtual PBX is an IP telephony system which includes a PBX server, that allows us to manage, organize and divert calls in a professional way. It offers diverse facilities like creating schedules, music on hold, interactive voice menu and custom greetings among many other features.

We are going to give you a brief idea about the use of our services in the university environment. For more information,  do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment and we will give you all the information to have the best application of our services in your enterprise.

  • Generally, all the calls will be received in the campus contact number, but with the options menu (Press 1 if you want to contact with the registration department, press 2 …) you can redirect the call to the convenient department.
  • You can schedule your receiving calls, and only receive calls within the time schedule, but with the possibility of adding a voice locution that explains to the client when he can contact, and leaving a voicemail if he wants to.
  • We make easier the reception of messages in the voicemail by giving you the opportunity of receiving them via email. You could resend messages to your coworkers, so they take care of it or leave it as unread if you have not opened it yet.
  • Another interesting feature is that you can use WebRTC extensions. You will be able to receive and make calls of your PBX on your computer or tablet without investment or need of any installation, and with an app, you will even be able to use it on your cell phone. With this feature, you will save money on calls as it is a cheaper service.


National and international virtual numbers



Most of the universities give their students the possibility of participating in mobility programs. They can be national or international.

For making possible this mobility to universities of other cities or countries, the contact between the origin university and the one of destination will be necessary to agree on the conditions and validations. In addition to the need for attention to the international student.

There are also universities with the presence in different countries and continents.

We have a facility for them called an international phone number. We offer a number of the country that best suits your business needs, or either we can port the one you already own and give you all the features that we have mentioned of the virtual PBX. It is a phone number with the corresponding country prefix, and the calls will be diverted to your cell or landing phone.

In this case, it would not be necessary to have an office in every country in which communication is needed, as all the doubts could be solved by the virtual phone. And as it is just like any other landline phone number, the caller will not be able to distinguish whether they are calling to a virtual or a physical line.

The students by having a phone that does not suppose any additional cost (as it is a phone number of the country where they are), will resolve their doubts with their university by the phone.

The infrastructures could disappear and would represent an important saving for the university.

As we have seen, there are lots of benefits of using our services in the university environment. If you are interested and you want to get information about plans and prices, go to