The information and communication technologies evolution has affected notoriously all the
environments in which we human beings move. It has affected education, healthcare,
politics and of course private companies. In this last field in which we are going to focus our attention today, TICs have totally
transformed the entrepreneurial industry and companies that are in it. Adjusting to these new
technologies could be a challenge for many companies, but they can also know how to take
advantage of it in order to add value and be more competitive and attractive for clients.

Customers are starting to be more aware of how important TICs are and they have gained
certain knowledge about the digital world which only had companies before. This is the
reason why the way to understand the relationship between clients and companies has
changed. The great amount of information about that consumers have access to has led
to a need for differentiation in order to get more clients than competitors.

tics affected business environment

The 4 marketing variables have evolved from the 4ps (Product, price, promotion, place) to
4cs ( customer, cost, convenience and communication). This is partly caused by TICs
development and the need for companies to be closer to final customers. Now, there are researches
about likes, customs and customers preferences to adjust the offer to them.

Being efficient with TICs is a score for any company. Owning an attractive and well-positioned
website, being active on social media, having lots of followers… As well as having a great
customer service system, which can be decisive for clients who didn’t make their minds up

Owning a landline phone connected to a simple phone line is not enough anymore for clients to
contact. Nowadays is necessary to provide something more, a phone number with virtual PBX features
that provide a good brand image to companies, a line that is never unattended, that welcomes
callers, and that has a voice mail.

These features may be the factors to finally convinced those who remain indecisive and that
neither your website or your competitors have achieved priorly.

It is clear, that TICs have completely changed the world, affecting all factors in a bigger or
smaller way. They will keep developing so adjusting to them is a task that all companies must
seek for maximizing their profits.

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