As we all know, time is money. And let’s be honest, we wake up every morning to go to work and earn money. This is why being more efficient in your job is so important. Does this mean you should rush your work? No! Unfortunately, this mistake is fairly common. To perform well at your job, you have to think about what you’re doing before you begin. Strive for quality, not quantity. It’s better to complete tasks correctly now rather than having to fix them later.

So what is the secret to saving time? If we provide our employees with a better environment, they will become more efficient. So, what should we do? Let´s talk about solutions such as the cloud PBX for business.

Organize your tasks

Make sure your employees know what activities go first and how much time it should take to do it. Use time tracking tools offered by Time Doctor to keep track of how long you take on each task. Remember to be realistic. Saying that an activity should take less time than it actually takes to complete the task will only stress you out. You can use one of many to-do list applications to gain more control over your priorities.

Keep in mind coffee breaks and time to relax. Your employees should be able to go back to work with a clear mind.

Regarding phone calls, the cloud PBX for business of Fonvirtual offers you an IVR feature that distributes the incoming calls among different apartments. For example: “if you want to talk with the sales department press 1, administration press 2.” It saves time since it allows calls to be answered by the most adequate person. This service is known as a virtual PBX and works through the cloud.


Flexible work time with the cloud PBX for business

A few years back, hearing about flexible work time would sound like some sort of utopia.

There has always been workers who had to sacrifice their time for work. Work-life balance was non-existent.   Large companies have been doing this for years. Giving employees a chance to choose their work hours means happier employees. Happy employees means more productivity. So what happens if one of your clients is trying to reach an employee who didn’t show up for work today?

Once again, Fonvirtual gives you a solution. With the option of call transfer using cloud PBX for business, unattended calls are easily transferred to another employee that is available. If absolutely no one is available to take the call, they can leave a voicemail. You will be notified in your email about the missed called and will receive a mp3 with the voicemail message.


The next level after the flexible work time is the flexible workplace, also known as telecommuting. Nowadays, most jobs only require internet and a phone. Work can easily be done from work or at a coffee shop on your laptop. After all, work is what we do, not where we are. If your employees are trying to complete tasks with deadlines, it shouldn’t matter where they decide to complete them. They will also save time by not having to sit in traffic while driving to work since they can work from home. But, wait! How will clients make calls if no one is in the office? It’s easy! Thanks to the call forwarding on the cloud PBX for business, you can use a landline number from any device such as a cell phone, tablet or computer. 

As you can see, having a cloud PBX for business can significantly reduce time and costs. Improve productivity at work. To learn more about Fonvirtual features, contact us.

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