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Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Aug 10
Category: Features

Digital transformation has led to the rise of ecommerce and the majority of products and services being offered through digital resources, which generates a need for tools to improve the customer experience. 

Not having a website is nowadays a possible synonym for not being on the map. Competition is overwhelming and therefore it is very valuable, in addition to offering a good product or service, to have a website on which to offer products and services.

That is why user experience is one of the aspects that websites are currently working on the most. The aim is to offer web users a pleasant experience so that they want to return to our website.

What is user experience?

It is important to differentiate between customer and user experience. On the one hand, customer experience includes the complete experience of a customer with a brand and goes through all the interaction points of a company. On the other hand, user experience is related to the experience that users have with a company’s physical or digital products and services, aiming to make them desirable, efficient, intuitive and attractive. The difference is that user experience is more specific and customer experience goes beyond the product, thus the second one is part of the first one.

User experience is about the feeling and opinion a user has after trying a product or service, which is key to customer loyalty. A satisfactory experience will greatly increase the likelihood that the user will buy again, creating a strong bond between the brand and the user. The loyalty bond will lead to an increase in brand reputation thanks to word of mouth from users who have been satisfied with their experience, bearing in mind that consumers rely more on recommendations from family, friends and relatives.

In conclusion, offering a good user experience can translate into a positive contribution to the brand’s image that will result in an increase in sales. This is where user experience plays a key role.

6 tips to improve user experience

After knowing the importance of a satisfactory user experience, you may wonder how to achieve it. Here are the key points to do so:

Improve the web experience

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, digital transformation has led to the rise of ecommerce, where user experience is the main factor in increasing online sales. A company’s website has the ability to leave a lasting impression on the customer, which is why it is essential to dedicate time and resources to improve the user experience of your website.

To achieve an optimal website and capture the customer’s attention it is important to eliminate texts that do not contain valuable information, therefore, it is better to expose in a brief and clear way such valuable information. On the other hand, websites should provide security to the user so that they can browse and make purchases without fear of their personal data. Offering a telephone payment option is positioned in the market among the most reliable and simple.

It is also significant to offer wide accessibility. Today we use a variety of devices on a daily basis and spend an average of 6 hours a day on them. This screen time includes phone, computer, tablet and other digital media. That is why the brand must allow access to web content through various devices in order to offer a good user experience.

Finally, it is important to have a fast loading speed of the website, otherwise the user may directly abandon the page.

Having a good customer service

A good user experience is mainly based on the user’s interactions with the brand. Communication is the basis of every relationship, and in this area it is no less important. Therefore, customer service plays an essential role in the user experience. Your customer service teams are the first contact with the customer, and therefore the bridge between them and your brand. Therefore, the first impression can have huge repercussions depending on how the service flows. Consequently, it is vital to have these teams well trained to provide the best customer service.

In addition, it is very beneficial to carry out satisfaction surveys to see how users perceive the attention received and thus be able to identify weak points in order to improve them and be in constant evolution to offer the best service.



Due to technological advances, there are a multitude of communication channels through which our customers can contact us. In order to offer a profitable user experience and show them that we are a brand involved with them, we must have a complete communications system. 

Nowadays, there are several tools that allow you to manage a communications system that includes all channels. Tools such as the virtual pbx allow you to show an image of a company that is committed to the customer and that aims to facilitate the process and offer a quality experience. With a virtual pbx you will have complete control of your external and internal communications by voice, chat or video. The most advantageous thing is that as it is hosted in the cloud, you will have access from anywhere in the world with just a device with an internet connection. 

Analysing data

It is vital to quantify the feedback you receive and the data you collect so that you can use it to improve your customer service. Thanks to AI and Big Data, it is possible to obtain this information from your customers automatically, generating a unified view of the customer service we offer and the satisfaction of our consumers, which will allow us to offer increasingly personalised experiences.

Knowing our customer’s buying process

Mapping the customer journey, from the moment the product or service captures the customer’s attention until the purchase is made, is essential in order to offer a quality experience. Having a clear understanding of the entire process allows us to identify which stages to improve, at what stage the customer is at and what their needs, desires and doubts may be. 

Therefore, in order to know how to improve the user experience, it is important to focus entirely on the customer. Analysing what problems they may have at each stage of the purchase process ensures that the customer is always well looked after.

Clear and measurable objectives

Establish measurable goals and objectives that serve as a guide to obtain the user experience we seek for our brand. Objectives set a course to follow and serve as a source of motivation and commitment. It is essential that they are measurable, as it makes it easier to evaluate the results and thus be able to correct failures

For strategies to improve customer experience to be realistic, objectives must be linked to key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow us to objectify results. The KPIs help us to know if the objectives are being met and even alert us when they are not being met properly.


In Fonvirtual, you can find the right tool for your business that will allow you to offer the best user experience. Contact us and get information.

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