The idea of being self-employed and perform it, it’s relatively simple, but being successful as such it’s not that easy, for this reason, it’ necessary to consider the indispensable requires that we should implement in order to work as a freelancer, as having an efficient telecommunications service such as the virtual PBX for small business.  

But, what freelancer really means? It’s really simple. It’s all about the person who makes a labor activity in a habitual, personal and direct by lucrative title, without the need of a work contract. Like that, it’s the freelancer who makes decisions about his working activity, including the organization of his work or enjoyment of his holiday, among others. One could say that they work independently, searching and attracting the clients on their own.

5 tips to achieve success as a freelancer


  1. Decide your activity field. First of all, you should analyze your situation as a future freelancer, that means realize analysis and studies of your knowledge and experience, what is paying your attention and in which field you would like to implement you, that is to say, the sector in which you are going to operate. For that, you should consider what type of services and products you could offer that will help you stand out from other people or companies that already offer the same services. It is also important to know where you are going to work: will it be your home, a local, an office, etc., as well as if you’re going to perform your activity internationally, or exclusively in your own country. And not mentioning the importance of valuing the necessary terms to start gaining incomes.
  2. Efforts and being conscient of possible defeats. The freelancer that starts as one, should be fully geared to the business from the very first moment, and that involves invest an excessive number of hours of work that sometimes could bring some health problems. For that reason, it is so important to have a life insurance. In addition, you should be conscient that there will be a lot of moment when you fail, but it does not mean you should quit, this is the precise opposite, you should learn from your mistakes and have enough energy to achieve the level of the efficiency that allows you to live comfortably and triumph professionally.
  3. Evolve and grow. The freelancer is one of the types of a worker who requires growing constantly. He or she should be open to a change because one never has assured the professional future, for that reason an open mind is necessary that allows you to adapt to possible changes and evolve along the labor activity. The unexpected situations that show up could end with the stability of a freelancer. Keep studying to keep up with everything and learning about things that could affect your work is a good way to grow and fortify yourself even more.
  4. Use advanced technologies. The use of innovative technologies will always benefit you when it comes to working efficiently and effectively. If you habitually need to move from one place to another, for example, an IP PBX system such as a virtual PBX for small business could offer you a landline phone number that will provide your business with a professionality, since it will give your clients an impression that you are at your office. The virtual PBX will redirect the calls to your mobile phone, and paying additional charges, as it is in the case of traditional PBX, won’t be necessary. Moreover, if as a freelancer you have a service of WebRTC, you could stay in contact with your clients wherever you are, thanks to the easy reception and realization of calls from your mobile phone, PC or even tablet. It is really important to not lose the phone calls of your clients, and since you work as a freelancer, the services of virtual PBX for small business or WebRTC will help you to keep in contact with them.
  5. Keep your personal life apart. When it comes to the work you should never mix your personal life with the professional one; normally, who cannot separate both of them, rarely succeed. It is very difficult to triumph when you are not focused only on your work. Normally the freelancer that looks exclusively at his work when it’s necessary, make the activities much faster and more comfortable. Being focused on your work helps you taking correct decisions, and one of them is thinking in long-terms, that means, the worker that look for long-term benefits normally has more possibilities to succeed.










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