Toll free numbers are super agents like James Bond. The toll free number is always available to solve anyone’s problems. Therefore there are companies interested in giving their clients a super agent image.


Toll free numbers allows clients to call the company in order to get information or to report a problem, completely free. This is the main reason why toll free numbers improve considerably a company’s image. It represents a company dedicated to its clients which assumes the call costs in order to offer the best call service to their clients.


Clients feel satisfied and valued when they see the company offers them free call service no matter if they are clients already or they might be on a future basis. This particularly important when the call is made to make a complaint about the service or the product of the company, since a toll free number is capable to reverse the negative image of the company.


Toll free numbers are like super agents that everyone loves and who solves every problem without asking anything in exchange. Furthermore it is also an opportunity to companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors, as a friendly company that makes things easier for their clients. A toll free number adds value to the company’s call service.


toll free number super agent


Besides there are companies interested in acquiring a toll free number not because they are concerned about the perception of their company but because there is a law that makes it mandatory.


Aside a toll free number is a viable alternative for those companies that are willing to give a national image. It gives the opportunity to show this image without being labeled with a region, since toll free numbers have no area code.


For companies it entails making a sacrifice and assuming calls costs in benefit of their clients, but with Fonvirtual they can minimize this sacrifice. In you will find the most complete service of toll free numbers at the best price.


What do the Fonvirtual toll free numbers include?


The Fonvirtual toll free number services offers the possibility of transferring a toll free number that you already own or providing a new toll free number.


What is really special about Fonvirtual toll-free numbers is the fact that they are a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud and because of that, they are not linked to any physical device. In order to make this work, incoming calls are routed to other landline or cell phone lines that are actually linked to physical devices. Routing this call is an unlimited and free service.


So clients can enjoy the best call service without cost, companies will have to assume the 4 cents/mins cost of calls made from cell and landline phones, It is okay due to the high profitability and improvement of the company’s image.


A Fonvirtual toll free numbers also has features that will add value and improve the efficiency of a company’s call service. Some of these features are.


  • Recorded messages
  • Statistics
  • Call branch
  • Voicemail
  • Call recorder
  • Call queue


And many more features.


Subscribe for the Fonvirtual toll free numbers and your company will become a super agent for its customers. And check out the rest of our services: virtual PBX, call centers, click-to-call or international phone numbers such as virtual phone number Italy, and many other countries.

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