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In the following article we are going to try to clarify how different types of pbxs that can be found in the market work. Some of them are traditional PBX also known as PABX, the virtual PBX and the IP PBX.

The traditional pbx

A PBX (Private Branch exchange) is based on a private phone network that is settled in a
company, working through copper wires. A Pbx is a device that connects different
extensions within the company but with limitations in the number of lines and number of

The traditional PBX is a telephone system that is getting obsolete and which offer fewer advantages
than the newest digital systems.
The traditional telephony was a great telecommunications development in business,
although nowadays there are other solutions that are more efficient. There are some
industries in which traditional PBX are still useful, like the hospitality industry in which they
need to add an extension per room and these extensions can not be cell phones or neither


IP pbxs are an evolution of traditional PBX, allowing the development of the telephone
network through internet without lines or extensions limitations. Besides the functionalities
this type of pbxs, there aren’t any significant new features than traditional pbxs but there are
quite cheaper since the installment needed is much easier.
Currently and thanks to new technology achievements , there the investment in devices is
almost none. The ultimate protocols generated by Google like the WebRTC enables the
possibility to receive and make calls directly through the browser. Therefore you will need
headphones and a mic, plus a computer, a cell phone or any other device with internet

Virtual PBX

The virtual pbx systems are the most advanced ones since they combine landline and
cellphone telephony plus IP telephony. The way it works is quite simple, the main number is
a virtual landline phone number, what means that is not necessary any wire in the wall, but it
divert all received calls to other lines. These lines as we named before can be cell, landline
or IP phone lines, and this combination is quite advanced.
Besides being a cheaper alternative, its features like the IP pbx are very advanced and
enable to be more efficient at customer services.
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