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Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Feb 28
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Instant communication is essential to stay connected in a global market. A useful tool to overcome language barriers that hinder such international collaboration is real-time call translation.

In this article we will see how technology has revolutionized translation and interpretation services, especially in the business field.

Technological advances in real-time voice translation

Understanding the challenge

Language diversity is a constant challenge in global communication. Previously, the real-time call translation was unexplored territory, with technical limitations that hinder fluency and precision in voice interpretation. Furthermore, the translation of conversations, both oral and written, depended mainly on human interpreters. These professionals played a crucial task, by facilitating collaboration between companies or the possibility of establishing communication with partners, shareholders and clients, among other fundamental aspects for the development of international relationships and businesses.

Voice recognition and processing technology

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, we have created advanced algorithms capable of instantaneous speech interpretation. These algorithms use deep learning models to recognize linguistic patterns and perform accurate translations in real time.

Simultaneous call translation: a comprehensive solution

How does it work

Our simultaneous translation service uses a combination of advanced technologies, IA in its fullness and more specifically the PLN, to provide a fluid and accurate translation experience. When initiating a call, the interlocutors’ voice is captured by AI, which not only processes and understands the language, but also interprets the context, jargon and other linguistic nuances, instantly translating the messages exchanged. What’s more, there is no need to speak slowly or use a neutral accent, since the AI ​​system used has been trained to recognize a wide variety of accents and speaking speeds. In this way, we provide a natural translation experience for users.

Cross-platform compatibility: from any device, from anywhere

One of the key features of our solution is its multi-channel compatibility. Whether you are using a mobile phone, a computer or any device with an internet connection, our platform guarantees a uniform experience, eliminating barriers to hardware and software. Furthermore, you will not only be able to enjoy a phone call translator: Fonvirtual offers you the possibility of viewing your video conferences and chat conversations in the language of your choice.

Supported languages

Fonvirtual has the ability to translate into all languages. From English and Spanish to Mandarin and Arabic, we offer a wide range of options to ensure effective communication in any context. What’s more, it can be translated into a language different from the one spoken by the interlocutors. On-demand translation!

Translate voice in real time

Advantages of real-time call translation

Efficiency in business communication

In an increasingly globalized business environment, efficiency in communication is essential. Our solution enables international teams to collaborate seamlessly, eliminating the language barrier and facilitating quick decision-making.

Access to a broader audience

By removing language barriers, your business has the potential to reach a more diverse audience, thus expanding your customer base. generate new business opportunities and significantly expand its presence in international markets.

Improves corporate image and reputation

Having cutting-edge technology, such as our simultaneous voice translation software, not only demonstrates a firm commitment to innovation, but also to customer satisfaction. Stand out from the competition and strengthen your company’s image!”

Improved customer experience

Representatives can communicate seamlessly with customers from around the world, providing personalized service and improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, response time is faster, eliminating the need to search for an interpreter or wait to translate the messages.

Reduces misunderstandings and communication errors:

Translating voice in real time minimizes the possibility of misunderstandings and miscommunications that can sometimes arise when using written translations.

The future of real-time call translation

Integration of emerging technologies

As we move forward, we explore the integration of emerging technologies such as augmented reality and context-based translation. These improvements promise to take the real-time call translation experience to new levels, providing deeper context and even more natural interaction.

Customizing the user experience

We are working on machine learning algorithms that adapt to individual voice and preferences, offering a highly personalized user experience. Real-time call translation is not only about removing language barriers, but also about creating more meaningful connections.


In conclusion, real-time call translation has gone from being a necessity to a reality thanks to technological advances.

Do you want to break language barriers? Do not hesitate to contact us Fonvirtual is your best partner.

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