In all kinds of systems, there are exchanges. Between human beings and, more specifically, in companies, the exchange of information takes place constantly, everywhere and all the time. That is why the means of communication used should be effective and affordable for companies. A virtual telephone PBX would be an ideal and less costly solution in the long term.

In the specific case of the company, telephone networks cannot be dispensed with. Calls are continuously made and received which can be of great use to the organisation itself. However, because of the complexity and magnitude of a company, simple telephone networks could not effectively manage the transfer of information between their large number of collaborators.


Types of telephone PBXs


There are two types of telephone PBXs:

# The physical telephone PBX:

This telecommunication tool is used in the management of telephone calls and also allows to receive several calls at the same time. A welcome message and personalised standby music are possible options with a physical PBX.

This requires technical installations as well as high costs in equipment, maintenance and installation.

# The virtual telephone PBX:

The virtual telephone PBX performs the same functionalities as the physical telephone PBX. However, Internet calls have improved so much that it offers HD quality thanks to WebRTC IP technology. In addition, because it is installed “in the cloud”, it does not require large costs.


Among the two types of telephone PBX, why choose the virtual telephone PBX?


Although the two types of telephone PBX are still used by companies, the virtual, or immaterial, is gaining more and more ground. For any company, having more material means more costs and expenses. This makes it clear that the ideal is a virtual telephone PBX.

This type of telephony includes services necessary for the management of information and company calls, but without adding any installation equipment to the system. All exchanges are done virtually via the Internet. With this virtual telephone system, there will be no installation or maintenance costs for the equipment.

Once the Internet connection has been established and its operation reviewed, calls will be transferred directly to the fixed or mobile phone through WebRTC extensions.

The configuration and management of calls is so easy that it can be done by the company itself. Although whenever technical help is needed, there will be help from the provider.

The virtual telephone PBX also offers great mobility to its users. Any employee with access to a computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other device connected to the Internet, can make or receive calls showing the company’s head-end number. In general, this high-performance instrument at low cost is the ideal solution to ensure communication and information exchange in companies.




Some reasons to choose a virtual telephone PBX


  1. Suitable for all companies. Every organization, regardless of its size or its social capital, has the duty to communicate between its different actors and work units. Whether it is the largest structures, small businesses or even entrepreneurs themselves, the virtual PBX is flexible and evolutionary and adapts to all needs.


  1. It does not require large investments. In addition to the minimum budget required for a telephone PBX, it does not require precise materials, even expensive software, or any place. The virtual remains immaterial and therefore takes up no space.


  1. Continuity assured. Technology also has its flaws and any equipment at any given time can fail and require maintenance. When such a breakdown occurs, it is the entire system that is unfortunately out of service during the repair period. With a virtual telephone PBX, these breakdowns do not occur. The company saves repairs.


  1. More functionalities. With the virtual appearance of the PBX, the employee can connect to any device connected to the Internet (mobile, tablet, PC) at any time and from anywhere.


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