Voice over IP telephony or VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This system allows communication through voice thanks to the Internet protocol. IP voice telephony represents a great opportunity for all types of companies. It provides all the advantages and flexibility that companies expect from the progress of modern technology. Thus, they allow you to pass calls through the Internet, rather than through the classic telephone lines.

Voice over IP telephony allows companies to benefit from the advantages provided by technology. It is, therefore, a very important change for any company that wants to modernize.

It is thus spoken of a technological transformation that all companies must face. However, it arouses greater interest among users who suffer telecommunication problems in their company.

The domain of telecommunications is an integral part of the modern professional world. The voice over IP telephony protocol is another evolutionary phase in long-distance voice transmission. Basically, it is about encrypting the voice under a digital numerical form, which is then transmitted over the Internet. On the reception side, the encrypted signal must be decoded so that the recipient can hear the sender’s voice.

Today’s telephone systems have been modernized to include multimodal offerings that combine different communication skills depending on users’ needs. These systems offer numerous functionalities to telephony users, integrating a long list of other channels. These include video conferencing, internal text messaging, online collaboration and telephony software functionalities.

Thanks to the new technology based on the IP voice protocol, the many advanced call management functionalities that were previously only used by large companies are now also accessible to small and medium enterprises.

Today, companies consider the cloud system (in the cloud) as a fundamental means of improving communications (cloud services such as cloud contact center solution). This orientation towards the cloud system has intensified over the years with a commitment to improving productivity, performance and offering a lower cost compared to traditional telephone solutions.


The advantages offered by voice over IP telephony


Nowadays, more and more companies choose to boost their telephone solutions with WebRTC voice telephony services. The voice over IP telephony system eliminates the limits in communication linked to money and geographical location.

However, traditional landline systems can limit communication and even business growth. For example, if a company wants to increase its workforce and add jobs, with traditional landline it would be necessary to call a technician to install new landlines in each job. However, IP voice uses its local area network to transmit data. They are the same lines that work on the Internet, which means that with VoIP technology there will be no need to install additional lines.


voice over IP telehony


Fonvirtual voice over IP telephony


While the many IP voice telephony providers are similar and often offer the same functionalities, Fonvirtual provides a wide range of additional and value-added functionalities that enable companies to increase the value of their investments.

Fonvirtual’s VoIP phone service offering is flexible and allows you to communicate with your customers without worry, thanks to the quality of voice and sound.

By choosing our qualified service, you won’t need installations, new phones or new investments. Everything is simple and practical.

You will have all the functionalities you need to effectively exploit voice over IP telephony: call identification, voice mail, call recording, interactive voice menu, access to statistics, etc..

You can make and receive calls from any device connected to the Internet, either a mobile phone, computer or tablet. All this is possible thanks to the flexibility we offer in our services

The new WebRTC voice over IP telephony offers HD quality and is not interrupted. You don’t have to worry when you make or receive calls from your customers. You can talk as much as you want. By choosing a pack adapted to your needs, you will be able to make calls wherever you want, whether to national or international numbers, without surprises on the bill.  And even more, because with the ubiquity of our service, you can use WebRTC telephony from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Contact us to learn more about Fonvirtual’s new voice over IP telephony: the WebRTC.


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