Although the word itself is pretty straight forward, click2call allows you to click a button and call a company directly through your website. It’s that easy.


Concept of Click2call


Nowadays, most businesses operate online. However, this doesn’t mean they still can’t physically speak with their customers. By using a click2call button, you give customers a more human approach to contact you online. Instead of email or instant chat, you can speak with them directly. Often times, when someone wants to speak with a representative, they will look at the company website in search for the phone number. By using click2speak, calling the company is now simpler than ever.


Advantages of Click2call


Click2call is just as useful as having a phone number written on your website. However, there’s big differences as to why having a click2call button is far more beneficial:


1. No more waiting on hold for the next available agent


With a regular company phone number written on your website, customers will likely have to sit on hold first until they are able to finally speak with a human. With click2call, there’s no waiting list. They are able to skip the line and be helped as soon as possible. All calls are controlled through a database to control call queues.


2. Manage hours of operation for phone calls


Some days are busier than others. The last thing you need is to receive calls at very hour, even when you are trying to sleep. With click2call, you can call back the customer at a time that they predefine would work best for them. Not only do you get some sleep, but they can also be reached whenever you are both best available.


3. View statistical reports on all of your calls


Any company that uses this tool will be able to manage calls with a breeze. Not only do the statistical reports help you manage calls and better predict the future,  but they are also encrypted. All of your data will be protected and safe.


4. Simplicity


Although click2call was once considered complex, it is extremely effective. It’s also very easy to use. You don’t have to be a computer engineer or know how to code to add a click2call option to your website. You can install it to your website using any browser or any type of computer.




In order to cover all the needs of its customers, Fonvirtual now offers click to call and click to speak. With the click to speak, calls are made directly from the browser, without the need for a phone. This way, users only have to click on the button to contact your company directly online and speak through a set of headphones with a microphone. With click2call, users would enter their phone number on the screen, and receive the call on their personal phone. Our click2call buttons use the new generation of WebRTC VoIP telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol) that allows you to speak using most web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). Now, you can use this service on your cell phone, laptop, tablet, and more.


What advantages does click to speak have over click to call?


The first and most important benefit of the click to speak is that the user does not have to enter their phone number on the website. Additionally, with click to speak, you can add different click to speak buttons on your website that would call different departments. Depending on what section of the website they’re on, you’ll know what they’re calling for. Click to speak is global, meaning that anyone, anywhere in the world, can call without international costs. Neither you nor the customer would have to pay for international call fees because it is taking place online. This is all thanks to WebRTC technology, which is also responsible for the HD sound quality.

Now that you know everything about Click to Speak and click2call and what Fonvirtual has to offer. Don’t miss any more calls and get your Click to Speak Button for your website today!.

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