Considering the high level of competition and easy access to information, when customers go shopping they are not only looking to purchase a product or service, they also expect a satisfactory shopping experience. To offer a quality experience there is a very important factor because of its direct relationship with the level of customer satisfaction. This factor is the company’s customer service. 

Offering good customer service in the company, in addition to improving the company’s image, will increase customer confidence and is a key element to differentiate the company from the competition. To improve customer service, it is important, among other factors, to have unified communications. In this article, we are going to tell you about the advantages and improvements offered by the unification of communications using Fonvirtual’s customer service software as an example.

What are unified communications? 

Unified communications refers to the solutions and services that allow an integral real-time communication between the collaborators of a company and with its customers. To achieve this, a software that integrates internal and external communication via voice, chat and video at the same time is necessary. 

One of the keys to the unification of communications, apart from optimizing tasks and facilitating access to information, is the possibility of switching from one communication channel to another and being able to interact with the customer and the workmate without any friction or need to change tools.

Unified elements in Fonvirtual’s customer service software

Internal communication

For a team to function properly, it is essential to have a fluid and close communication between workmates regardless of the location of the collaborators. If this communication is connected with the rest of the company’s interactions, it will completely optimize the performance of each one’s daily activity. 

Some of the internal communication factors included in Fonvirtual and how they allow to improve customer service:

  • Extension status change: each extension will be able to change its status to unavailable to block incoming interactions at times when it cannot attend to the customer or is busy with another interaction. The delivery of such interaction will be handled as previously configured (go to another colleague, to a mailbox…). 
  • Workmates status visibility: workmates will be able to see the status of the coworker to make decisions in case they need to ask a question or pass on a customer interaction.
  • Chat, video and voice: coworkers will be able to interact with each other through internal chat, phone calls and even video conferencing with a multitude of added functionalities. 
  • Interaction transfers: If necessary, each extension will be able to transfer an interaction to a workmate, which can be by call, chat or video call so that he/she can continue with the conversation.internal-communication

Telephone numbering 

Despite the fact that there are new communication channels that are completely replacing traditional Telephony for business, a large number of users still prefer the telephone call when contacting the company. 

That is why it is important that the customer service software has a head-end telephone number and a virtual PBX that allows it to manage calls with personalized functionalities. In Fonvirtual we can offer our customers the telephone numbers they need:


  • National numbering: Offer one or several national telephone numbers, from the same or several provinces and manage them all from the extensions of the customer service software.
  • International numbering: If you market your products and services also in other countries, you can have an international number to give them a sense of proximity.
  • Toll-free numbers: If you are interested in offering a toll-free number for the customer, either by law or by image, you can contract 900 numbers.

In addition, users will be able to choose which of your numbers they want to make an outgoing call with so that the customer can easily identify them.

Contact buttons on the web

Nowadays and more and more, customers tend to buy online or at least to get information. That is why it is necessary to have a usable web page in which the users have an easy access to contact with the company and that these contacts can be attended as well as the calls from the same platform and with personalization functionalities. To solve this need, in Fonvirtual we chose to offer contact buttons:

  • Chat for web: Instant messaging is taking the first place in the contact preferences of users. Both for customers looking for a quick response to their query and for new users who have not yet decided to buy and want to resolve any doubts. 
  • Call button: Being able to trigger a call to a company through a click on a button on your website will increase your company’s reach, since users will be able to contact by voice from anywhere in the world quickly, anonymously and free of charge.
  • Video-call button: Your current and potential customers will be able to make video calls to your company’s agents to receive support or commercial information in a closer and more accessible way. 

WhatsApp and Telegram integrated into your customer service software

It is no secret that WhatsApp and Telegram monopolize most of the remote communication between users. They are instant messaging channels in which most of the population feels quite comfortable, which is why they are tending to use these channels to contact companies as well. 

Being able to integrate these communication channels in the customer service software will allow their management from several extensions simultaneously, their personalization and optimization.

Unified communications and cross-channel communications

Unified communications bring with them great advantages such as ease of access to information, optimization of agent time and improved user experience, all of which improve customer service, but the differential advantage is cross-channel. 

The cross-channel nature of customer service software allows communication to move from one channel to another transparently and according to the needs and information of each user. With a cross-channel solution like Fonvirtual’s software, you will be able to move a contact from chat to call or video without any communication interruption and all managed from the same agent’s extension. So what starts with a cold and shy contact such as the chat channel can end in a specialized call or video call that closes the sale.

In short, customer service throughout the purchasing process is something critical that can define the company’s image and that directly influences not only the level of customer satisfaction but also the chances of closing the sale. That is why all companies should be concerned about improving customer service and rely on specialized tools to do so. 

In Fonvirtual we are aware that communication channels are becoming more flexible and multiplying and will continue to do so in the future, so our solution aims to unify and facilitate the management of them and will adapt to market changes so that customers always have the latest in telecommunications. If you are tired of reviewing your communications every 3 years and having to change everything, break with the dynamics and choose a technology partner to accompany you on the journey of your business.


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