Like in the movie the parent trap you can either do business in Boston or do them in California, and for sure you would have to deal with different challenges depending on the city of your choice. Let´s see the advantages of a US international number.


virtual phone number america California


The great size of the country triggers that each state in the US has different characteristics and a specific personality. In each state the personality and the lifestyle of its inhabitants are different. Therefore it is important that we identify which state within the US has a personality compatible with our business services, and a US international number is very useful in these cases.


Basically, the inner cultures of the country can be divided in the following groups:


  • The midwest
  • Northeast
  • The south
  • The West


Each area has values, a characteristic lifestyle and certain stereotypes associated to its inhabitants. The knowledge of them is important for our company’s success, for example, if we own a vegan food business it would make more sense to operate in L.A than in Houston.


With the use of the US international number of Fonvirtual, you could get an international phone number from the state most suitable to your business and its offer. This would induce to a raise in your sales and increase the possibility of creating a relationship with providers and clients more easily.


Making the choice of which region we want our US international number to be is fundamental for the business’s international trading and operations therefore we recommend the following regions depending on your business features:


  • The midwest: the stereotype of this region is the American who lives in farms and rural environment, very conservative who listens to country music and who only eats homemade food. For them amability and hospitality are everything. Because of this only companies with traditional values which understand the importance of personal care in negotiations will succeed in this area. Midwesterners could be more reticent about doing business with foreign enterprises, therefore, it is fundamental to get a US international number from Milwaukee to gain clients and supplier’s trust.


  • The Northeast: The area of New England is a major part of the Northeast region, whose inhabitants present a colder and more formal character in comparison with other regions. They share some aspects with Europeans’ lifestyle, they are always in a rush and for them, vacation and free time are an uthopy.  Work is everything to them and because of this quickness and technology, which makes their lives easier and give them some free time to spend their time in doing more important tasks, are the attributes that they value the most. If your company’s services fit in here, get a US international number from Boston, New York or Philadelphia in order to show a cosmopolite, professional and global image.


  • The south: The southern Americans stereotype show people who are very conservative and who want to preserve the American culture and its traditional values. The American cowboy who loves meat, listen to country music and is not as open to multiculturalism as other regions in the country. Therefore it is particularly important to take out of your potential business partners minds the image of a foreign company. In case your business opportunity is in the south you could get a US international number from Austin or any other city in the south.



  • The West:  it is the emplacement of great industries and because of this, many foreign companies want to operate there. California where silicon valley is, and all the giants of the digital and technology industry are, is particularly known because of the characteristics companies over there share. Some of these characteristics are sustainability and environmental awareness, they are very liberal companies for whom innovation is everything. In order to fit in an industry with such a big demand as the technology one, a virtual phone from San Francisco could be an entry ticket into the industry.


Evaluate which side of the country offers more business opportunity for your company and ask for your US international number or any other country, for example, for your virtual phone number Slovenia, at

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