How can you use Business Analytics solutions to benefit your business?

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Publish: Wednesday, Sep 07
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In the midst of digital transformation, the business world has become increasingly competitive. Therefore, in order to gain an advantage over others and encourage customers to buy our products, companies need to be able to improve their decision making process with tools such as Business Analytics solutions.

These systems provide companies with the right information at the right time, and their use in conjunction with other business tools can bring great benefits. 

Today we want you to learn all about Business Analytics: from what it is to its benefits and how you can use it to your business advantage.

What is Business Analytics?

This concept refers to all processes and technologies aimed at collecting and analyzing large amounts of data.

Until recently, the extraction of this data was done manually by employees, which was not only inefficient and time-consuming, but also sometimes resulted in incorrect information. 

Fortunately, this task is now automated by business analytics systems, which efficiently review this information and then organize it into interactive dashboards that allow the business to make more informed decisions based on this data.

Thus, the use of these systems not only implies an improvement in the company’s performance, but also, by being able to integrate them with other tools, allows us to offer greater confidence to our customers and a higher quality service.

What are the benefits of Business Analytics solutions?

One of the main benefits of Business Analytics solutions is, as already mentioned, to support decision making in companies. However, this is not the only benefit offered by these systems:

Process optimisation

The manual extraction and analysis of data implies a number of resources that could be used for other, more specialized tasks. Among them, we find a very valuable one: employees’ time.

By automating this process with Business Analytics solutions, large amounts of data can be processed and comprehensive reports produced in a matter of minutes, so there is no longer a need for several workers dedicated exclusively to this task. They can concentrate on others that require more concentration.

This not only increases the productivity and efficiency of the company, but also reduces the costs associated with this process.

A better User Experience

Through Business Analytics, companies find a wealth of information that they can use to adapt to user needs and improve their experience.

Through metrics such as Call Tracking or platforms such as Google Data Studio (discussed later), they are able to identify weak points in the business, for example, if contacts are being lost or if agents are not paying adequate attention. 

With these solutions, we will be able to adapt to customers’ preferences and optimize their experience according to what they expect from us.

Information management from any device, anywhere

When making a decision, it is often the case that not everyone in the organization has access to the data. Or even that valuable information has been lost in the process because it has not been reflected in the same place.

Business Analytics solutions prevent this, as everything will be in one place: on a platform where any new data is instantly reflected and accessible to all employees from any device, wherever they are. 

This allows us to analyze all aspects of the organization in real time, to detect any failures in our service and to correct them quickly without affecting the customer experience.

Error reduction

Finally, one of the main advantages of automating the collection, analysis and organization of information is that it reduces the number of mistakes that could be made if the process were carried out manually, because the data is loaded as it appears at the point from which it is extracted.


How to use Business Analytics solutions in your company?

Now that you know what Business Analytics is and what its benefits are, we want you to know what solutions you can find at Fonvirtual and how you can use them to benefit your business:

Call Tracking

It is a parameter used to control the origin of contacts in a given campaign. Although its name refers to “Call Tracking”, the truth is that its use has been extended to other communication channels such as WhatsApp or web buttons. 

This business analytics solution allows companies to measure the impact of their campaigns by associating a communication channel with each campaign. For example, if the company has multiple active online and offline campaigns, it can associate a WhatsApp button with its website, a Click to Speak button with a landing page and a phone number with a press ad.

This will allow agents to know where each interaction comes from in order to provide users with personalized recommendations and offers. In addition, with Call Tracking, supervisors will be able to access features such as :

  • Check the effectiveness of each campaign and the ways in which customers make the most contact through the reports generated.
  • Listen to the recording or transcript of calls, and read the online conversations.
  • Review the conversations that were answered and those that were not, and in the latter case they will have the customer’s number so that they can deal with them and not lose the sales opportunity.

Google Data Studio

As part of the Business Analytics process, Fonvirtual offers you the possibility to integrate your virtual PBX or Call Center software with Google Data Studio. 

This platform consists of a series of templates that allow you to interactively visualize the data you need. But the integration goes even further and allows data from your communication software to be automatically loaded into your Google Data Studio dashboard periodically.

This means that any member can store and check information in real time from the same platform, from any location and with the device you have at hand at any time.

You will be able to see how many interactions you have or have not responded to based on your schedule, day of the week, or agent, as well as the origin of the interactions to make better decisions.

As you have seen, Business Analytics is a very useful process for companies, because it allows them to obtain valuable information in a short time to make better decisions. If you would also like to start using these solutions to benefit your business, contact us so we can help you.

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