Any company may choose a virtual number for many reasons. From those who want to make it easy for their customers to those who want to improve their image, this communication channel provides numerous benefits to companies. However, virtual numbers can sometimes be very expensive for the company, not only in terms of the cost of the call, but also in terms of the agents.

As this is a way of encouraging customers to contact the business, it usually results in an increase in the number of calls it receives. On the surface, this is a great advantage for the business, but while agents are talking to a particular customer, they cannot perform other tasks or attend to other conversations at the same time. Therefore, in many cases, in addition to the saturation of workers and the increase in waiting times for the customer, it is often necessary to dedicate more resources.

To avoid this, there are several alternatives, but most companies choose to enable their virtual number to receive WhatsApp messages. In addition to enjoying the benefits of this number, they take advantage of the full potential of the instant messaging application preferred by 2 billion users worldwide.

And what are those benefits of using your virtual number to receive WhatsApp messages? Find out below!

Cost reduction

The main advantage of enabling your virtual number to receive WhatsApp messages is undoubtedly the reduction of costs in the company.

The fact that WhatsApp has so many active users in the world is no coincidence. Among other reasons, we are talking about an application that is easy for anyone to use, free of charge and that allows us to have a conversation without interrupting our activity, which has converted it into the preferred means of communication for the contact between the company and the customer.

When we give customers a choice between a virtual number and a channel such as WhatsApp, they are likely to choose the latter. In this way, we reduce the costs associated with communication, since, as we said earlier, with a virtual number, it is the company that bears the cost of the call for the entire duration of it.

Adding a new channel to your customer communication

For many companies, offering a telephone number as the only option for contacting the company has become a thing of the past. They have therefore decided to offer their customers other channels of communication.

Most of them opt for WhatsApp. Recent studies show that when a company offers its customers the possibility of contacting via phone call or WhatsApp, 3 out of 4 choose the instant messaging application, demonstrating once again that this is the preferred channel for users in their relationship with the company.

On the other hand, by using your virtual number to receive WhatsApp messages, what initially started as a text message conversation can be converted into a phone call. In addition to being near to our customers, we will be reducing costs, since a call made by the company from the virtual number will always have a lower cost than if it is received.

Free of charge for customers

While it is important to make it easy for those who prefer to contact us via WhatsApp, we should not forget those who still prefer to make a phone call. By having WhatsApp associated with your virtual number, we offer the same possibilities to our customers, since in both cases, our customers will have a form of contact, regardless of their preferences at any given time.

However, it is important to bear in mind that enabling your virtual number to receive WhatsApp messages can be inconvenient if you do not have the right tools. When we offer different channels through which a customer can contact us, it is possible that, by not managing them properly, we make the consumer wait longer than desired, since agents will have to answer not only calls, but also messages.

That’s why a unified communications solution like our virtual PBX will allow you to attend to users from the same platform, regardless of whether they call the virtual number or write to you via WhatsApp. With it, you will avoid having to switch from one screen to another to manage the different interactions, reducing waiting times.


Attending several conversations at the same time

As we said at the beginning, one of the big disadvantages of virtual numbers is that by encouraging the company to increase the number of contacts it receives, agents can be overwhelmed, as they cannot answer more than one phone call at a time.

By encouraging customers to contact via WhatsApp, this problem disappears. The same agent can handle several interactions at the same time, and even perform other tasks. In other words, it is not necessary for the agent to dedicate himself only to a single conversation.  While answering, he/she can continue making and receiving calls or attending to other customers via WhatsApp.

In addition, enabling the virtual number of your PBX to receive WhatsApp has another fundamental advantage: if the agent is busy on a call, the system will detect it and will not deliver any message, avoiding the possible saturation of the agent.

In these cases, to prevent the customer from being left unattended, Artificial Intelligence can be a very useful tool. Setting up a callbot for calls, and a chatbot for WhatsApp messages, will allow certain processes to be automated, such as welcoming customers, or solving their most frequently asked questions.

Additional functionalities

WhatsApp has a number of functionalities that a phone call cannot provide. For example, with the instant messaging application it is possible to share audio and video files, documents, and even our location.

Let’s imagine that a customer needs to change some information that the company has, but does not know how to do it. If we only have a virtual number on our website, it is obvious that the user will contact the company through it.

However, if we enable this same number to receive WhatsApp messages, and we also offer the possibility of carrying out certain procedures there, many customers will opt for this channel. It is much more convenient for them to send the document through the application than interrupting what they are doing to go to the office. Again, we will be able to reduce costs for the company.


In short, having your virtual number with WhatsApp, in addition to providing quality to your customer service, will allow you to reduce costs and obtain the advantages of both communication channels. If you would like us to inform about how you can do this, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you and accompany you throughout the process so that you can get the most out of your communications.

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