Why use the voicebot for teleprospecting?

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Sep 15

Progress is an integral part of human curiosity, we always want to discover more and find ways to help Man in his tasks, from the most banal to the most trying. We hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence, which aims to put normality in the form of algorithms.

More and more companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence solutions for their sales department and more particularly in teleprospecting.

In this article, we will explain the tools of tomorrow’s telemarketing that will mark both you and your future customers in order to obtain certain results on your business.

The telemarketing software

Teleprospecting software has become a common but indispensable tool. It is the most efficient way to save time for your sales agents. The operation is rather simple to understand. What you need for perfect use is a contact database with phone numbers.

In fact, once the list of numbers to contact is loaded into the telemarketing software, the system dials them (one by one or several at a time depending on the degree of sophistication). Once downloaded, the system will start calling the phone numbers, it can be one by one or several at the same time.

The telemarketing software is able to identify the status of the call. In other words, if the prospect picks up, the system will transfer the call to the most qualified agent, for example, if your company is a multinational, it will transfer the number that has a Spanish area code to the agent who can speak Spanish best. Otherwise, if the number does not pick up or rings busy, the telemarketing software will immediately detect the voicemail and move to the next number in the database. Here Artificial Intelligence intervenes in the detection of the state of the calls, the system learns to recognize them quickly in order to be more efficient in scanning the list of numbers.

The advantage of this software is that it saves a company’s sales department valuable time and allows them to better personalize their attention to prospects. Furthermore, in order to guarantee a better handling of potential customers, it is strongly recommended to integrate this software with business management tools. For example, an integration of your call system already coupled with the telemarketing software with the CRM offers the possibility to access and modify customer information before, during and after the call.

If you want to go all the way with prospecting automation, another additional solution could be to implement a conversational robot.


What is a Voicebot?

More and more companies are starting to opt for chatbot solutions which are robots capable of having a more or less complex written conversation with a user. The voicebot is a system considered as a conversational agent that will communicate by voice with a user. The technology works in several steps that rely on different technologies:

  • Voice transcription: the system will understand that a user is talking to it and will use two systems for this step. First, so that the conversational robot can understand the information it receives, it must be in written form, so it will use Speech to Text (voice synthesis). It will have to be coupled with what is called Natural Language Processing in order to be able to detect the language, or other variables that make the complexity of human language.
  • Recognition of the request: thanks to systems based on a pillar of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, which will be able to understand the information spoken by the user and generate an appropriate response.
  • The answer: once the Artificial Intelligence systems have found an answer among their huge databases, it will have to be transformed into a voice response to keep the conversation flowing thanks to Text To Speech.

There is a wide range of voicebots that allow access to a more or less important number of functionalities and to more or less power. Indeed, as for the teleprospecting software, for the most basic voicebot, it is necessary that a human agent can take over a conversation that the conversational agent cannot understand

We already know the voicebots that have become popular thanks to their integration in almost all cell phones today, including Siri from Apple, the Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon.

The use of the Voicebot in prospecting

In the context of a company, customer satisfaction will only reach new heights when you have distinguished yourself in terms of communication, whether for your customer service or your sales department. In addition to being able to affirm your ability to evolve and adapt to progress to improve the customer experience, you will be able to see for yourself the benefits that a voicebot can bring to your company and especially to your sales department.

In order to make the most of it in your telemarketing strategy, the most efficient way to use a voicebot is to integrate it directly into your telemarketing software. This way, a first robot will be able to dial the numbers and detect if a prospect picks up or not and then let the voicebot take over to deliver the commercial message.

The fact that it is an intelligent conversational agent and that you have previously configured it means that it may even be able to answer some questions and if not, it will hand over to one of your agents thanks to the connection with your virtual PBX which serves as a call platform to centralize all your tools. The real advantage of this configuration is the time saving. With the support of a voicebot, telemarketing will be done automatically and will be much more efficient in terms of dialing and transmission of information.

Another advantage of saving time is that with more free time, your agents who will take over for prospects with more specific questions will be able to improve the personalization of their commercial message and thus better seduce potential customers and thus gain in efficiency. Finally, thanks to your use of new technologies, your customers will be satisfied and will see that you are making efforts to adapt to their preferences and expectations (whether it is for the sales department or for your customer service) and this will influence your sales and increase your customer portfolio.

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