As more and more companies are opting for a multi-channel communication strategy, providing high quality customer service has become one the most important purposes. Landline telephone went from being the preferred exclusive way to having to share itself with instant messaging applications (such as WhatsApp or Telegram), videos and mails. This makes it all the more important to find tools to manage the increasing number of contacts and to be able to meet their requests rapidly and efficiently.

Indeed, the integration of Artificial Intelligence solutions are and keep on being the preferred ones for companies for the moment. The reason is that its use creates several significant benefits, like processing users requests efficiently thanks to their ability to provide an instant response at any moment.

In this post, we are going to introduce you to a compilation of possible uses of Artificial Intelligence in a contact center so that you know how to improve your customer service thanks to these tools.

To automate repetitive tasks

The main use of Artificial Intelligence in a contact center is precisely the management and the realization of repetitive tasks, avoiding wasting time for the agents doing something thta can be carried out by a machine in a few seconds. In this manner, they will have the possibility to offer a more personalized and more adapted attention to the clients.

To manage incoming and outgoing calls

In this specific case of the use of Artificial Intelligence in a contact center, we talk about “callbot”. These tools, which were mentioned in past articles, are used in incoming calls to provide customer care that looks very similar to what a human being could bring. Callbots use a natural language recognition system that gives them the ability to search words or texts to adapt themself to the customer request.

Thus, they are able to maintain a fluid conversation with the calling person adding the fact that they keep the conversation in mind to improve for future similar circumstances. 

Another possible use of Artificial intelligence in a contact center through callbots is to realize outgoing calls. We can easily use them for commercial campaigns, to manage incidents or even to conduct satisfaction surveys in which customers appreciate the attention they receive. Thanks to this format, we can notice an increase in productivity in relation to the large number of contact making at the same time, allowing, then, to increase the number of clients.

Welcome bots” to welcome the clients

This tool is the one which receives clients when they will contact your company, identifying and compiling all the pieces of information required. What is typical with this technology and what makes its difference is the type of Artificial Intelligence used: the Emotional, also known under the name of the Theory of Mind.

This system has the necessary capabilities to understand that there are emotions and feelings behind each person. It can then adapt to the behaviors and react accordingly by directing the conversation based on how it has detected how the consumer wants to be treated or what their need is. Therefore, the conversations between this kind of robot and a customer are very similar to what a human being can bring.

Its use in a contact center allows the communication to be more fluid and pleasant, personalizing your service from the configuration.


Processing robots to manage requests

Once the Welcome bot has detected what the customer needs, the Artificial Intelligence system classifies the requests such that if it is simple it can be handled by the bot itself, or if it is more complex in which case it will be transferred to an agent to be processed.

However, we have to take into account that more sophisticated systems that are able to answer any question, while others can only recognize keywords defined beforehand, require the intervention of an agent to give a response in certain situations.

Thus, they manage high activity peaks in a fast and efficient way, avoiding the employee to deal with the requests that could be easily processed by those machines and allowing them to be responsible for other tasks that need a particular attention.

Waiting and overflow robots to minimize waiting time

This use of Artificial Intelligence in a contact center pretends to remove the waiting time that clients spend queuing to retrieve the pieces of  information necessary to respond to the user’s request. We can consequently make a difference such as :

  • Waiting robot : it interacts with the customer if the waiting time is short, providing him with information about the company’s news and new products, or it can also take advantage of the waiting to validate certain data.
  • Overflow robot : Unlike the previous one, this robot takes care of all interactions that seem to have a long waiting time. Thus, the user will talk with the robot and provide more details about his request.

Thanks to these tools, we reduce the number of clients giving up to contact the company, for lack of any attention, in addition to increasing the value of your communication.

To obtain detailed information

The Artificial Intelligence systems analyze a large amount of data to generate in real time and instantaneously detailed information in relation to the intervention carried out, whether on the side of the agent or the robot itself. It will ease the decision making process and you will be able to detect the weaknesses of your customer service rapidly.

For frequently asked questions

If you own instant messaging applications (for example WhatsApp API or Telegram) integrated to your contact center, an Artificial Intelligence system will help you to answer quickly to most frequently asked questions by your clients. A chatbot is usually used for that, this is an instrument that recognizes the written language and provides an instant response, whether it’s the robot itself or an agent by transferring if the request is becoming too complex.

At least, the use of Artificial Intelligence in a contact center, provides an opportunity to diversify and adapt to customer needs, in addition to providing great support to companies in general, by analyzing what they ask and giving the most adapted response it can. Furthermore, those systems rely on what is called Deep Learning. Thanks to it, the systems are becoming more and more intelligent, that is to say that they learn in relation to the amount of data collected. This allows them to have a better reaction in the future, minimizing the number of errors.

At Fonvirtual, we put at your disposal our contact center software in which an Artificial Intelligence is included and is adapted to the needs of your company. This will allow you to provide quality customer service while adding value to your communications.

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