Vanity numbers are not a thing anymore with business virtual PBX

Smith, Emma

Publish: Tuesday, Feb 06
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“11811”  the new telephone information, “ 1566 national emergency” or “ 680101010, Pizza Pablo” are examples of phone numbers that companies have always wanted. A number, preferably short, easy to remember with the purpose of sticking into clients heads. A business virtual PBX is the perfect solution for these people.

Until recently, the major advantage of a short number or vanity number was the simplicity of use and how easy was to remember it. Communication was then, more efficient particularly on the radio, TV, billboards or newspapers thanks to this marketing tool of the 80s. Later the smartphones came…

business virtual PBX

Smartphones, a revolution which changes everything.

In 2018, smartphones are not a trend anymore but a reality which is part of the ordinary and therefore using smartphones in a company’s strategy seems inevitable nowadays. With more than 3 million individuals who have smartphones in the world, statistics make clear that the smartphone has become a work tool and even as organization mean.

The smartphone affects particularly to the vanity number marketing advantage. Thanks to these new generation devices we can find necessary information rapidly and save it. In other words, the client list and collaborator do not have to memorize anymore telephone numbers.

What is the alternative to this old fashioned marketing technique?

Although some companies keep promoting their vanity telephone numbers, these are facing their last days and therefore companies need to find a valid alternative. A business virtual PBX is undoubtedly one of these alternatives.

Since the arrival of smartphones it is quite rare to know people who learn by heart the phone numbers of their friends or couples. We are now content to be able to save numbers which could be useful or necessary.

The fact that the business contact telephone number is easy to remember is not an important factor anymore besides the main factor is that our number is easy to find and having a good quality customer call service with the purpose to make an impression on clients minds and to induce them to save our numbers in their agenda.

Therefore there are two priorities:

  • Making the number easy to find: How well your website is positioned and having the phone number on it. As well as promoting the phone number in different media for a constant association between the number and the company.
  • Good quality customer call service: having a great customer call service which shows an image of a professional company would encourage customers to save the number on their agendas. The business virtual PBX helps any company to manage theis internal and external calls. 

In fonvirtual we offer the virtual PBX in order to improve your customer call center service with features such as

  • call branching
  • welcome recorded messages
  • call queuing
  • call recorder
  • voice mail

They are available to make each call a differentiator element from your competitors. We are aware that the notoriety of a phone number requires efforts and this is the reason why we offer you the possibility to port the number your clients know. In case you don’t have a phone number we can offer a new one for the same price, free.

Do not make too many efforts to obtain an easy to remember number for your company, it is an obsolete practice for any industry. Choose the visibility and improvement of your customer call service with the business virtual PBX of Fonvirtual.

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