With the increased use of video in business communications, video conferencing has become an essential tool for companies in various sectors, including consulting, investment firms, human resources, and more. It has proven to have a positive effect on team collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Today we talk about video calling and video conferencing in the cloud.

Video conferences are also one of the most appreciated collaboration solutions for business. This tool is used by both clients and suppliers, since video conferences reduce the risk of communication errors. In addition, users are increasingly getting used to communicating visually over the internet thanks to the advancement of new technologies. They value the implementation of these video conferencing tools not only for personal use, but also in the business world.

However, most of the free video call solutions we find today lack the security, performance and technical support that would be necessary to be used in a business environment.

Fonvirtual’s video calling and video conferencing service will allow you to organize and conduct video calls and video conferences through the cloud, from anywhere in the world and with any internet-connected device, including computers, tablets and cell phones. with the professionalism that your users deserve.

What’s so special about Fonvirtual’s service?


Fonvirtual’s cloud-based video conferencing service is powered by WebRTC technology, an open source software developed by Google in 2011. This technology allows the transfer of voice, video and documents over the Internet. There are three APIs that make this possible: 

  • GetUserMedia (webcam and microphone access)
  • PeerConnection (sending and receiving media)
  • DataChannels (sends non-media files between browsers)




This is why WebRTC is a software that is highly valued by experts and companies. The many advantages it offers, in particular the possibility of online meetings by video conference with colleagues and collaborators from all over the world, take the company’s communication to another level. 

Moreover, the sound and image quality is impeccable, and the connection time is significantly reduced compared to other applications or plug-ins.

Fonvirtual also makes it easy for your clients, since the use of WebRTC is very simple. They can join the video conference from their computer with just one click on the video link, or from their mobile device using an application. 


Utilities of video conferencing and video calling in the cloud


With Fonvirtual’s video call solution, users themselves choose when and how to connect. Participating in this type of meeting has never been so easy, as it can be done from a computer, mobile phone or even a tablet, without need of an specific operating system.

Cloud video calling can be defined as the most flexible digital meeting space, with maximum efficiency and security.

  • Video conferencing and video calling both in and out of the office

Whatever the size of the company is, you will have the opportunity to meet face to face with whoever you want, wherever you are.

  • Your video calls and video conferences managed by experts

Any user can be present and actively participate in the video conference, wherever they are and regardless of the technology and the provider they use.

  • Maximum simplicity

Fonvirtual’s video conferencing and video call service will allow you to connect video conference rooms in the easiest way you can imagine, so your suppliers and customers will be delighted.

  • Video calls and video conferences both internal and external

Connect with employees, customers, partners, suppliers… It is possible to organize video conferences and video calls with anyone you want, without need of installations, externally or internally.


Don’t wait any longer and start providing a quality video call and video conferencing service in your company with the Fonvirtual’s solution.


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