A virtual automatic PBX, still called “interactive voice server” is a voice menu that automatically responds to incoming calls and transfers them to different agents or to another voice menu, depending on the customer’s answers.


How does a virtual automatic PBX work?


The main objective of an automatic PBX is to provide a pre-recorded voice message to any incoming call in order to guide it during its telephone communication. In this way, the interlocutor receives a list of guidelines that indicate the path to follow to reach the desired call recipient.

Specifically, if you make a call and you come across a company that has a virtual automatic PBX, you could hear voice messages like the following:

“To be answered in Spanish press 1, to be answered in English press 2.

“For any information about Customer Service, press 1. For any other question or if you want to contact an agent press 4”.

Obviously, for any virtual automatic PBX it is possible to configure the parameters and the main menu that will define the vocal answers that will be emitted depending on the hours of the incoming calls, of the line used, etc.


Why use an automatic PBX?


When a company uses a virtual PBX, the number of people required to distribute these calls is lower.

In addition, it means a reduction in the workload of the company, but especially for the people who receive these calls, since they will know in advance the data given by the caller until they reach the agent.

These virtual automatic PBXs are designed to reduce workload and, on the other hand, to properly guide callers and be able to serve them according to their needs.

Nowadays, these automatic PBXs are present in many companies, such as banks, government services, travel agencies, hospitals, etc.


Advantages of a virtual automatic PBX


The automation of telephone calls is a technology that:

  • Allows you to receive and manage several calls at the same time. Regardless of the number of incoming calls per minute, each call is routed directly to the required contact person.
  • When several customers are online, the virtual automatic PBX applies a waiting music or even a welcome message that allows you to keep the customer waiting on the other side of the phone.
  • The automatic PBX makes the access route shorter and easier for the customer who wants to contact the person who will be able to respond to their request from the beginning. This prevents the call from passing through different departments before finding the right agent.


Fonvirtual’s virtual automatic PBX functionalities


Fonvirtual offers an advanced and quality service in its virtual or cloud PBX solutions with automatic functions.

  • The possibility of configuring welcome messages adapted to receive customers, present the company and even inform them if lines are busy and cannot be attended at the moment.


  • A voice menu to guide the caller to the desired department.


  • Transfer of calls to any of the other extensions of the virtual automatic PBX to maintain professional and quality communication.


  • A waiting queue with a pleasant melody to make any client whose telephone line is busy wait.


  • The option of leaving a message in the voicemail if in the end, no agent can answer the call.


  • Limitation by schedules and informing these company schedules to callers during the voice-over.


  • Access to statistics on calls and voice messages received.


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