Small and medium size companies usually offer a cell phone number as a business contact phone number to their clients. Frequently that cell phone number is the personal number of a freelancer or of the company call service manager. Definitely this is a mistake and something we have to take into consideration, especially at the beginnings of our entrepreneurial career. There are some solutions like a virtual cell phone number.


  • Unprofessional image: When you see a company’s contact number in their website, in a newspaper commercial, in a billboard or in any advertisement of the company and the company’s phone number is a cell phone number you usually don’t have a good impression of the company. At first it looks like you are going to call and there is going to be only one person handling every call from a cell phone, plus it is possible the line would be busy. This always gives an impression of a very unorganized and small company.


  • Difficulties in growing: If your company starts growing so client’s contact needs do. They will call you more and you will need to improve your contact methods. The first idea would came across your mind is to implement a virtual PBX on your cell phone and that’s right.



virtual phone number with your country


  • Other numbers advantages: A geographic landline number with your region prefix is a good way to give a proximity image of the company. On the contrary in case you want to give a national image of a company which operates all around the country, commercial numbers are much more useful. It really depends within commercial numbers if you want your clients to call you without cost and encourage them to call continuously or besides you rather want to prevent them from calling and you want to charge them extra costs when calling to that number.


  • Take advantages of virtual numbers: In case you want to receive calls in your cell phone or in your colleagues’ cell phones, don’t you worry thanks to virtual PBXs you could have a landline phone number to offer your clients. It would be an international phone number which wouldn’t be associated to any line and which will divert all incoming calls to as many virtual cell phone lines as you want. And you will have an opportunity to choose your number from wherever you want, no matter your location. For example, you can get a virtual phone number Germany, even if your company has not a physical presence there. 


These are some of the reasons why you should consider offering a virtual cell phone number as a contact number. Even if you are at the beginning, it is quite convenient to get a landline phone number since it is a number you would always own unless you don’t want to, and many clients would save the number or they would even identify you for it. This is very important since continuously changing your contact phone number is prejudicial for the company.


Anyway, at we would love to help you finding the best option, being it a virtual cell phone number within your country or other for your company since every company is different and they don’t have the same needs. You may enter in our website and look for related information, or you may send us an email to or calling us to this phone number 914891046 and we will gladly help you.

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