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Publish: Wednesday, Jan 31
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Click to Call button

What is Click to Call?

The term Click to Call refers to a digital functionality that facilitates interaction between users and businesses through online platforms. This tool allows users to make phone calls directly by clicking on a link, button, or interactive element on a website, mobile app, or email.

Instead of manually dialing a phone number, Click to Call streamlines the process by allowing users to initiate a call with just one click. Click to Call has become an effective strategy to increase user engagement and enhance the customer experience, as it removes barriers and encourages instant communication. In addition to being intuitive, attractive, and convenient, it is beneficial for both consumers seeking quick responses and companies wanting to strengthen customer relationships and efficiently close transactions.

How Click to Call Works

The use of this service is characterized by its simplicity. After the user clicks on the widget button, the call is automatically transferred to the commercial department’s phone lines of the company.

It is a straightforward, fast, confidential, and cost-free process for the customer. This ease of use and confidentiality motivate users to contact the company and its various departments. The strategic placement of the button on the website allows the organization to generate more leads or potential customers.

Moreover, the Click to Call button offers another significant advantage that adds value to the company and improves its relationship with customers. By allowing users to address their inquiries immediately and at no cost while navigating the website, the likelihood of them leaving the page to seek information on other websites is considerably reduced. This, in turn, contributes to conveying a sense of efficiency and professionalism.

Furthermore, different buttons could be set up for each product to give that communication a personalized touch and enable the search for an available agent specialized in that product, thereby improving commercial efficiency.

This not only attracts new customers but also increases the satisfaction level of existing ones, who are likely to return to the website in the future to acquire new products and/or services. If the experience is positive, they are likely to recommend the company to other users, thereby increasing the chances of expanding the customer base.


Configuration and Implementation of Click to Call

To integrate a Click to Call widget, it is essential to ensure that the website meets certain technical requirements. The following are crucial aspects:

Security: The website must be secure and have a valid certificate to ensure the protection of data and user privacy, as well as to prevent possible cyber attacks and threats.

WordPress Platform: For websites built using WordPress, configuration can be done through HTML or a free plugin designed for this purpose. For sites not using WordPress, integration is exclusively carried out through HTML code.

Aesthetic Button Design: To make the most of Click to Call, the button should be customized for an aesthetic and consistent appearance that integrates with the website’s design and reflects the company’s brand image.

Contact Hours: The hours during which calls will be allowed must be determined, along with the creation of alert messages outside these periods.

Phone Number Display: Choose whether to display the phone number on the button or not.

Selection of Phone Lines: Specify the phone lines to which users will be directed.

Call Limitation: Configure settings to limit received calls based on the number of agents or when necessary.

Addressing these configuration aspects ensures the effective integration of the Click to Call button, optimizing the user experience and enhancing direct communication capabilities with customers.

Click to Call button to enhance user experience

Advantages of the Click to Call Button:

Enhance Brand Image: It is an innovative service in line with the latest technologies and not yet present on all professional websites. Be a pioneer and add value to your customer service.

Closer to Your Customers: It is a service that significantly enhances your accessibility to your customers, portraying an image of a serious, dynamic brand concerned about consumer well-being. The term Business to Consumer is obsolete; we now speak of One to One!

Reduce Bounce Rate: Keep your customers connected and visiting your website for a longer time. This phenomenon will also improve your SEO results.

Add Color to Your Website: Full customizability adds value. You can adapt it and create a perfect synergy with other elements on your website.


Basic Criteria When Choosing Click to Call Service

Before deciding on the Click to Call service that best suits your company’s needs, it is advisable to consider certain key aspects. Although most services share similarities in terms of features and prices, paying attention to specific differences is important.

To ensure the effectiveness and profitability of this service, as well as to make the most of its capabilities, it is essential to have a reliable VoIP provider managing the technical part of this service. Collaborating with a provider ensures constant and advanced support, guaranteeing its proper functioning.

The growth in the popularity of Click to Call and its increased usage in recent years have driven its evolution to more advanced levels. These factors have contributed to making it an increasingly effective tool. In fact, some Click to Call services now not only include traditional phone calls but also offer the option of video calls, representing a significant advancement that adds value to customer service.

In conclusion, Click to Call enhances your customer service. All these advantages will help you adapt, be efficient, and stand out in this dynamic and somewhat unpredictable environment.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us through our form or our Click to Call button


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