It is possible you have just started a business project, or you already have your own company. No matter what, it is clear that independently of what you do, you need a call center. The question is, do the traditional call centers serve me or do I need a virtual contact center? In this article, we are going to tell you the benefits that a right contact center software can bring to your company.

First of all, let’s do a short summary of the meaning of the contact center software. Basically, the contact center solutions are a group of agents who make and receive phone calls of a company, with the purpose of achieving its better management and offering a good attention service to the client.


Traditional vs virtual contact center


The differences between both of them are quite noticeable. After analyzing it, you will see on your own that what your company needs is a virtual contact center.

  • As traditional contact center we understand business with agents or employees who sit in adjacent cubicles in the same office and answer the telephone inquiries from clients. This type of call center has lost the battle against the new technologies; they have fewer resources and still not really meets the actual customer’s needs. Starting from the high costs in comparison with virtual call center since the first ones need an initial installation, besides of the hardware and its installation.
  • The virtual contact center is an ordinary call center service with the difference that it is stored in the cloud and locally diversified. It is not necessary that all contact center agents stay at the same place since the calls are managed in an integrated way no matter the location. That way, the call center allows the labor force to operate easily and efficiently from separated places, being possible to work from their homes.

But, how the virtual call center works? It uses the Voice over Internet Protocol so it can do outbound call center through the data network. It is clear that traditional call centers have become completely obsolete. During the last decade, there were a lot of companies which have replaced their traditional contact centers to the virtual ones.




Benefits the virtual contact center will bring to your business

There are a lot of advantages of the virtual contact center that can help any business. We detail you the main benefits it will bring you:

  • Costs reduction. Since the agents can work from different geographical places, the operative expenses reduce significantly. From the employee formation to the tracking of their performance, you can do it via the Internet, so there are barely any costs.
  • Mobility and accessibility. The agents are in a comfortable and totally accessible environment since they can work from wherever they want, including from other countries in case they need to travel for any reason.
  • Flexibility. When the needs of serving global clients exist, that service is just perfect. The agents can operate on different shifts if they live in different time zones, what allows to offer a customer support service 24h per day. The virtual contact center allows also having agents from all over the world, what will add to your business an international image.
  • Few resources are necessary. To function well, thanks to the call center software you will only need a computer, cell phone or tablet, headphones, and a solid Internet connection. You could renounce the hardware or any other resources needed for its installation and functioning.
  • Easy access to client details. Thanks to the virtual call center you can access your client data at any time (like call register), what will help you to retain them. The traditional contact centers outsource other organization in order to provide that information, and it implies an additional cost.
  • Easy use. The agent and the manager will make a fast contact when, for example, the agent is not capable of solving an inquiry of a client. The virtual contact  center will offer the possibility of working in the team to satisfy the client.
  • Advantages of storage in the cloud. It is called cloud call center because it is stored in the cloud, and that means you can use it from wherever you are. Some of the advantages of the cloud call center are the viability, security, facility of use and adaptability.

The virtual contact centers are a clear example of how cloud technology is overcoming the barriers and offering infinite business solutions. The clients are more and more demanding at the moment of obtaining good attention from the company, so there is no option of staying behind by offering less in the customer service. Inform yourself about the pricing Fonvirtual offers you. You will not regret it!


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