Will it be possible to send a virtual fax without any installation?


Currently, there are still a few companies and organizations that have not upgraded their fax system. Most companies would prefer to receive and email, knowing that a fax machine is far more confusing and time consuming. Now, with a virtual fax, you can receive fax documents straight to your email in a high-quality pdf format.


If you need to send a fax, you can do so from your computer via email, using the interface available without additional installation or software costs. Just connect it to the internet.


This service installs an exclusive and personal local customer number on your computer, working as if you had a fax machine connected to a telephone line. Then each fax sent or received to this number will be displayed by the email account paid to the customer. This document must be sent in PDF format and will be available as an attachment.


virtual fax


How can I send a fax without any installations?


It seems illogical that there are still companies that do not want to improve their technology. In 2019, there are still people who would rather use a fax machine instead of sending a file through email. Because of this, we have created a way to send and receive a fax to your clients or staff via email with no installations or machines required.


Sending faxes without any installation is easy. Here is how you would send a fax using Faxvirtual, or any other virtual fax service:

  1. Create a new email
  2. Attach a document in PDF format.
  3. The “to:” section of your email should be their fax number, followed by @(name of your virtual fax service) .com
  4. Create a subject (in some cases, your service may require a specific code in the subject line)
  5. Hit send.


Advantages of Using a Virtual Fax without Any Installations


  • It’s more direct.
  • Easy and simple procedure.
  • No need to create a new email.
  • Highly secure and confidential.
  • You don’t have to install any additional software.
  • You will know if the fax has been received
  • You will receive the fax as an email and the fax number of the sender will be specified.
  • There are no geographical borders that will limit your abilities in sending a fax
  • Save money by not using paper or ink
  • No initial investment.
  • Feasible faxing abroad.
  • Ecological, produces 0 waste. You are helping the environment by sending and receiving fax virtually.


In case you already have a fax number and no fax machine, you can still use this fax number via internet. You can also view your fax that has been sent and received on your email by simply checking your email. Because of these capabilities, you no longer need a physical fax machine to send and receive files.


Finally, sending a fax to your computer or cell phone is easy. You don’t need any installations on your device, either. You can manage your business from a few simple clicks. Weather you’re on holiday or out of town for the weekend, you can now take your office with you, wherever you are.

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