Coordinate human work with automation

Since the emergence of artificial intelligence, the dynamics of the world of work are transforming faster than ever. This technology is redefining the way many businesses operate towards a much more collaborative environment between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. While humans focus on tasks that require creativity, empathy and judgement, aI excels at executing repetitive and methodical tasks. 

Within this labour coexistence, having both types of agents on the same multi-channel platform opens the door to a universe of advantages and opportunities. Flexibility and time optimisation allows an agile management, creating optimised interaction that translates into efficiency.

The future demands collaboration between human and virtual agent capabilities on the same multi-channel platform that will provide a critical advantage for business success in this new challenge.

Evolve performance with an integrated platform

CRM platforms are a technological tool for organising and managing contacts. These tools are essential for businesses as they allow you to track your customer’s interactions.

Including an integration to your CRM in the same multi-channel platform, where you can even count on the assistance of a virtual agent, represents an innovative strategy that promises to boost the productivity of your employees. We can affirm that by automating tasks and anticipating customer needs in a predictable way, it supports agile and personalised attention.

This proposal emerges with the aim of making your workers have all your customer’s data stored in a single multi-channel platform in order that they do not have to go looking for it, but that the information appears to the human agent at the right time. The key objective is to provide extremely valuable benefits through the automation of various functions. The main pillar of these measures is the automation of repetitive processes and the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Centralising all your customer information on a single platform thanks to integration with your CRM simplifies but also speeds up procedures, which represents a qualitative leap in business management. Empowering your employees with the possibility of having access to timely customer information while they talk to them immediately, backed up by the support of a virtual agent, allows you to offer a customer service that is as efficient as it is personalised. This support with integration into your CRM adapts and guarantees a successful implementation in any business that relies on its application.

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Versatility: a determining factor for your business

Virtual agents represent a versatile and advanced tool for managing customer interactions. Thanks to virtual agents, you can automate basic support functions such as question answering or even more arduous tasks such as following up with your customers.

The versatility of virtual agents is crucial to realising your full potential. These bots can be deployed on the channel of your choice such as your own phone, WebChat, Facebook or Whatsapp, allowing you to manage conversations at any time. This artificial intelligence technology is characterised by its adaptability. Your virtual agent adapts to the right context and language, with no data-driven language barriers and programmed specifications. 

Virtual agents are not immutable: these agents are designed and trained with data specific to your company. These changes are reflected in the agent ensuring consistent interaction aligned with your corporate identity. Additionally, in situations where the conversation requires a more personalised approach or sensitive treatment, the virtual agent has the ability to transfer the interaction to a human, ensuring that the highest value conversations are handled with the care and depth they require. 

This automation not only frees your team from repetitive, non-value-added tasks to focus on more complex tasks, but also minimises errors, ensuring a high-quality customer experience. 


Centralising all business communication processes on a multi-channel platform available to humans assisted by virtual agents is essential for business success in an era of technological challenges. Adopting a flexible solution that promotes collaboration between virtual agents and humans in the same digital ecosystem symbolises a considerable advance in your business and will represent a key step in a working context thanks to data accessibility, immediacy and process optimisation. 

In Fonvirtual we will provide you with flexible and efficient solutions based on the use of the latest artificial intelligence technology and adapted to the needs of your company which will allow you to offer a quality service. Contact us to test the effectiveness of artificial intelligence and find out more.

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