Phone lines connected by virtual IP PBX systems allow a business to receive calls from a single business number. These calls are then separated into different devices to that multiple calls may be answered at once.

Evolution of phone lines


Traditionally, phone lines connected to a switchboard required installing large equipment in the same office space that calls are made. At the time, it was a huge achievement to have this kind of phone system.


Years later, IP telephony was born. This managed to connect different devices using an IP protocol. These devices, such as cell phones or IP phones no longer required cables and could divert calls that came from the fixed head of the company to multiple devices.


Recently, Google has developed WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology. This allows transferring all calls from the switchboard to WebRTC extensions. In other words, calls can be received and made from any device connected to the Internet: computer, cell phone or tablet. Extensions are completely ubiquitous., all thanks to virtual IP PBX phone systems.

virtual IP PBX

What role does a virtual IP PBX play?


A virtual IP PBX system has a fixed number where all of their features are configured. Thus, when a customer calls this number, the call comes through an IVR system.Thanks to the options menu, calls are distributed to the correct device or extension depending on what the customer has dialed.


“A user is reviewing the Fonvirtual company’s website and has some doubts. He then Fonvirtual’s phone number found on their website. This call enters the company’s virtual IP PBX. The client will hear the welcome message and a menu options. They will have the chance to choose between different options. Because you are not a client, you click on the commercial option.


Through the IVR, the call will pass to the agents that are configured to receive the commercial calls from an order that the company has established”.


PBX phone systems are necessary in all companies They also optimize customer service.


With Fonvirtual, configurations are done virtually. Work without having to install anything, use SIP Trunks, purchase equipment, use additional devices in the office, etc.


Even the settings of the switchboard and the reception and emission of calls are made through the cloud. With Fonvirtual’s virtual IP PBX you will have a panel that allows you to make and receive calls and extract call statistics. All this, thanks to some users and some passwords that you will have to introduce through a web page.


However, there are operators who do not offer you the opportunity to work in the online environment, which makes the job much more difficult. Buying equipment, working with desktop IP phones, installing softphones… all of this leads the company to competitiveness and little innovation and optimization of processes.


The virtual IP PBX offers workers, managers and even customers the ease of communication and work.


At Fonvirtual, we know that businesses are in the midst of change. The technological revolution has come to give a great opportunities to telecommunications by connecting telephone lines virtually and totally in the cloud with the virtual IP PBX of each company.


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