The virtual landline phone makes all the transactions that need to be done in an agency of languages courses abroad easier.


Among the year, but particularly in summer, many students go abroad in order to study foreign languages.The main reason for going abroad is indeed to learn another language, but there are other reasons that make students willing to go abroad. Some of those reasons are getting to know other cultures, other education systems or just because it might be beneficial for their CV.


Because of the great popularity these trips have gained, a lot of agencies have emerged. These agencies are in charge of providing guidance and helping students during the whole previous process and during the exchange. Due to the great competitivity in this emerging industry, it is fundamental to differentiate your offer and the virtual landline is a tool to do so.


It is a tool to do so because, foreign institutions are overwhelmed with the amount of agreement proposals from agencies, since there are many that want to achieve the best destinations for their target groups. The most important factor for sign an agreement with a foreign institution is to generate trust and give a professional image. Therefore an international phone number from the country where we want to sign an studies agreement will give both things, and it will entail a competitive advantage in comparison with the rest of agencies.


Because you own a virtual landline phone number from the educational institution country, the institution will be more prone to negotiate and collaborate with the agency since it gives an image of a multinational agency, like EF and because it will make communications easier, since they won’t have to use Skype or neither worry about international calls overcosts.

telefono fijo virtual viajes de estudios en el extranjero_

How to get a virtual landline phone?


Getting a virtual landline phone from another country or national is as simple as visiting the website and sign for a virtual number.


Besides, you will have access to client call support and advice from our customer service department in order to evaluate which plan is more suitable for your company and your business needs.


They not only offer you a virtual landline phone but you can add some Pbx functionalities such as voicemail, call recorder, call branching, call queue…etc


All these services would make possible to add value to your offer for educational institutions when getting in contact with your agency. Because of this you will also have a bigger number of destinations to offer your clients and better destinations that the ones your competitors offer.


Do not think it more and sign for a virtual landline phone at Fonvirtual.