A virtual landline phone number can take a music band to the top. The factors of a music band success are the talent and dedication of the band members plus, a virtual number.


Making a living out of music is a hard task so it is fundamental to take every opportunity and to take advantage of every resource that can be useful for an outstanding music career.


A virtual landline phone number is a resource that allows music bands to give a professional image to third parties no matter what their entrepreneurial structures are. So this way they can consolidate in the music and entertainment industry.


It is the perfect phone solution to show a serious company image to prospective clients since an international phone number for business gives a professional image and a cell phone number does not. No matter how long have the band been around, if it has more or fewer experience, a virtual landline phone number is the best credential.


What is a virtual landline phone number?


A virtual landline phone number is an ordinary phone number formed by 9 digits and with an area code prefix in it. It is hosted in the cloud instead of associated to a physical device.


Because it is hosted in the cloud the calls that are received are routed to other landline or cell phone lines that are associated to physical devices. In Fonvirtual routing calls is unlimited and free.


The virtual landline phone number is perfectly suitable for the needs of a music band as a company. With it, calls are not missed whenever the band members are outside the studio. Hiring a manager is not necessary anymore, because the band members will be able to take business opportunities through the official contact phone number of the band. They will be able to answer calls with their personal cell phones no matter if they are on tour, in a concert or at the recording studio. And you can even give an image of an international band by hiring an international number, so for example, if you are a band from Portugal, you can get a virtual phone number UK and start your tour for the British public. 


Furthermore a virtual landline phone number can be set as part of a virtual PBX which possesses features that will add value to the band’s call service. Some of these features are:


  • Schedule: If music is your passion but you don’t want it to interfere in your personal life, you can set a schedule so any call that is received outside the time range is sent to a voicemail.



  • Personalized voicemail 

virtual landline phone number



  • Call queue: There are special seasons when bands receive a bunch of calls and they have lots of performances. For these occasions such as weddings, fairs, and summer festival seasons, when is impossible to answer every call at the same time the best solution is to set up a call queue. A call queue that will make callers listen the band’s songs while they wait their calls to be answered.


  • Show your official phone number in outcoming calls: any band member can make outcoming calls with their personal cell phone showing the band’s official contact phone number.


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