A virtual mobile number can be your best ally in an elevator pitch. It might be a key factor for closing your speech. It is very important to achieve success in your project presentation.


What is an elevator pitch?


An elevator pitch refers to the project presentation speech to investors that takes place in a maximum period of time of 2 minutes. Its name comes from the classic situation in which a prospective investor or partner takes the elevator and the entrepreneur has only the time that takes to arrive to the first floor to convince he or she. We have seen this scene many times, the particular Hollywood version of how wall street is but indeed fiction is closer than we think to reality.


The virtual mobile number or international phone number is not the only factor in an elevator pitch success, but it depends on how well structured your speech is. It is also very important to excellent communicate it and to have a solid base. As well as the viability of the project.


Now we are going to provide a few steps to make your elevator pitch outstands and make investor fall in love with your project. So the virtual mobile number is just the perfect closing of a deal.


  • Define your project: Is necessary to clear up what is the problem, who does it affect, and what is your solution to this problem.


  • Answer most frequent questions: Answer what is the reason why you are seeking his or hers resources. Why are you doing this in this moment and not any other.


  • Highlight your qualities: Make a personal statement, what are your best assets and how they can be integrated into the project.


  • Business model: Explain what resources are needed, how they are going to be employed and what are going to be the outcomes of the project.


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Lastly if you have followed correctly the prior steps and you have succeeded in each part of the speech, is important to remember to provide a way to reach you. No matter if the other steps are well executed that if you fail at the end, not providing information to contact you, everything would have been for nothing. This is the reason why a virtual phone system is such an important resource.


It is fundamental that all the effort and thought put into the speech has sense, it has a continuity. Because of this, once the elevator reaches the first floor is fundamental to confidently give a personal card in order to keep up with project. For those entrepreneurs who just begun doing business, and they don’t have a professional profile yet, the virtual mobile number can be a key resource in the achievement of the investment.


The virtual mobile number guarantees a very good impression of the entrepreneur given to the investor. It prevents young entrepreneur from causing a bad impression by giving their personal cell phone numbers instead of a professional landline number. It is quite important since independently of how good the speech was if at the end you don’t nail it, it would change the investor’s original thoughts and will not contact the young entrepreneur. And do not forget about your international investors. You can prepare yourself to brace them by hiring a virtual mobile number from other countries, for example, a virtual phone number Netherlands will surely help you to make an impression on your Dutch investors. 


The fonvirtual virtual mobile number guarantees your future. Accomplish your entrepreneurial dream subscribing for a virtual phone number.