If we stop for a while to analyze, it is really surprising to observe what a cell phone is able to do nowadays. Both, the enterprises and individuals, use their mobile devices every day, and not only to make and receive calls, but also to communicate with others by using several apps, to use social media, to buy at e-commerce, or even to make a bank transfer, among others. For that reasons, it is crucial to use the head at every moment and be really careful with the use of cell phones, especially when we introduce our personal details. Continue reading to see the virtual number security solution.

By sharing our phone number with somebody, automatically we appear in his or her message apps and even in several social networks. They can have an access to our profile picture, but in some cases, they could even dispose of other information about us.

Not everyone is conscious of the risk it can present. There were some cases when the phone number was cloned and it caused some serious economic loss. The problem is located in the fact that people introduce their phone number everywhere (to sell a product, in social media…) without being aware of the risk the Internet may imply.

But, how can we make phone calls without offering our mobile number and without using the silent number? The answer lies in the virtual number. It is all about the common phone number that is not connected with any specific phone line.


How can the virtual number contributes to the security

Maximum-security-enterprise-thanks- virtual-number

The virtual number allows forwarding the call to any phone. With it, you could both, make and receive phone calls after choosing a new number, or after carrying your old one. If you are looking for maximum security, we recommend you to choose the option of acquiring a new number, just like that you will avoid any problem with people who already have your old number.

Another security advantage the virtual number performs is the facility of setting the schedules. Probably with your last number you were receiving calls at any time, without any type of control. The virtual international phone number allows you to set several options and features which you can use to establish in which hours you can attend to your clients and other contacts. On the other hand, it offers you the option of call filter so you can choose what phones you want to answer, and limit the access for others.

Besides the great security, the virtual number can contribute to the business, it also allows to control the call charges. With the call register, it is possible to have an easy access to the information about made calls, in order to know who has been on the other side of the phone, during how much time, and what was the cost of the call.

There is a possibility to establish some call limits to several numbers, and just like that improve the security and reduce the call charge. The virtual number can be associated with a security profile which avoids making unauthorized calls by users.

The security should be a priority for everyone, and for that reason, we offer different plans for a virtual number that can adapt to you. Take the opportunity to achieve a highly productive business and to be able to manage better your time while using your phone. Check our also other of our services: call center, PBX, click-to-call and international numbers such as a virtual phone number USA , and many other countries. 

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