The international market is being deeply shaken into uncertainty and affected by current affairs like the Brexit referendum, the election of Donald Trump in the USA, or North Korea missile tests. These and many other events influencing the international politics scene raise many questions and create issues in the economic sector of many countries. As it happens, on the world level economy, it mostly affects businesses which operate internationally. Some of them bump into obstacles just when they start their international activities. As a result, the consumers are also more careful and they count on possible complications which could potentially surge and they are rather suspicious of foreign companies. If you also have business relations abroad, it is absolutely necessary for you to get an international phone number.

What is an international virtual number?

At first glance it looks like a regular geographical number; however, it is capable of much more! Some of its specifics are that it’s stored in the Cloud (hence the name ‘virtual’), you can choose its country, region or even the city code. For example, if you are a British company, but you also operate in Denmark, you can hire a virtual phone number Denmark, and make and receive phone calls no matter where you are. The reason why it stands out is that this number diverts incoming numbers to any phone lines of your landline or mobile phones. A great advantage for clients, business partners, suppliers who are in regular touch with you. A single number enables you to join all your services, departments, and branches. All the national and international incoming calls are being diverted to your current number, without you having to be present in the country where your most customers are located.  


This way you can strengthen your accessibility and facilitate communication with the country of your business activity. You will also increase your credibility and project an international image. For real, no customer would call a foreign number – they prefer calling local or national phone numbers. You can make a difference by offering your foreign customers national numbers and stay in your country of origin at the same time. All of this will help you provide quality customer service and a pleasant purchasing process. In addition to assuring your concerned customers, you will also gain the trust of your potential customers. Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, your brand will gain international acknowledgment. This will help you focus more on your microeconomic environment and expand faster.


Moreover, you can also add the switchboard service, which will enhance your customer service even more. In fact, the first step is inviting your clients and leads to contact you, however, it gets more complicated when trying to keep up with the incoming calls. You can customize your switchboard and become more flexible: offer welcome messages in any language (a robotic voice or recordings made by professionals), your business hours, voicemail, record your calls so that you can listen to them and analyze them later etc. Make your customer service stand out and improve your relations with your customers.


Don’t spend much time overthinking and get your own international virtual number and you can immediately start conquering any international market. Enhance your credibility, project an international image and watch your sales growing. Check out our list of numbers we can offer you, such as a virtual number US or a virtual phone number United Kingdom, or ask us for any other country. We will do our best to provide you with it.