A virtual PBX can be a very useful tool for your hairdresser business to success, due to its various advantages for this type of businesses. Let´s see the virtual PBX features and their benefits.


Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX is a phone system hosted in the cloud that allows you to improve the efficiency in your hairdresser business.


It is a digital tool that improves efficiency since it makes easier call service and it adds value to it. In a business like hairdressers is fundamental to have a good quality call service since most of the appointments are made with a phone call.

Virtual PBX features


The virtual PBX system and the virtual PBX featuresenables a good quality call service offering advantages for both, clients who call to hairdressers and managers who run the business. Let´s se the main virtual PBX features

  • Voicemail: personalizing the voice mail so you don’t miss any business opportunity.
  • Schedules: you can set up schedules so any calls receive out of those time ranges will be send directly into a voicemail.
  • Welcome message: Personalize call service welcome messages so your company’s image improves.
  • Call queue: For saturday mornings when the hairdressers have a higher amount of work and it is impossible to answer several different calls at the same time.
  • Statistics: The data of answered phone calls from your virtual PBX will give you enough information to plan which days are the busiest and at what time more calls are received.


But the virtual PBX biggest advantage is the way it works. A virtual PBX is formed by a landline business contact phone number that is hosted in the cloud and which transfers calls to other landline and cell phone numbers.


Due to the way the virtual PBX works, it is a perfect instrument for businesses like hairdressers. They are a perfect tool, since hairdressers sometimes go outside their usual workplace to events especially weddings and catwalks. Because of this, it is fundamental that employees are able to receive calls from the hairdresser business phone number in their cell phones whenever they go out the office.


In addition it is suitable for any kind of companies, from a freelancer who travels to their clients house to cut their hair to hairdressing chains. The first one is interested to have this service so she or he can keep it professional showing a business landline phone number at the same time he or she enjoys the advantages of cell phone systems. Besides hairdressing chains might want to have a common landline phone number and transfer calls to each one of its establishments.  A virtual PBX offers a solution to every kind of entrepreneur.

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