Defined as “ the usual name of the commuter which ensures phone connections between the one who makes the call and the one who receives it.”. The virtual PBX for business represents a small revolution in the telecommunications’ history which has make the lives of lots of users easier.

Zoom over virtual PBX for business revolution and history over the years.

PBX a tool which combines


Where does the virtual PBX for business come from?

It was in January 1878 when the first PBX was introduced in Connecticut, United States. By that time, the manual operators could provide their services to 21 subscriptors by connecting and disconnecting wires to link different calls. Ten years later, it was time for the automatic PBX to impose.From here to now operators were replaced by machines which were in charge of identifying and distributing incoming and outgoing calls.

Since the 90s, the automatic PBXs were evolving but actually any new functionality appeared.Only with the arrival of electronics and internet, important changes have been perceived.

In 1980, the entire network between different PBXs was electronic, leaving definitely behind  manual systems. At the end of the 20th century, the strong enthusiasm for internet and the curiosity made telephony take the decision of using this new technology because of its different functionalities, within them the PBX one.

Why using it?

A virtual PBX lets companies to be able of centralizing their calls to ensure an optimize management. This tool allows its users to get benefits from diverse functionalities, such as:

  • Phone welcome
  • voice mail server
  • web server
  • calls identification

The PBX for business is a communication tool very useful to maintain commercial and professional relationships, which are key for a company’s success. It would represent financial and time savings as well as a considerable gain in productivity.

The latest trend in PBXs is a virtual PBX. With this one there is no need for any physical equipment and we have access to plenty of new functionalities at a lower cost.

The virtual PBX

The virtual PBX for business represents the optimum phone solution to every organization or company which wants to improve its communications, giving a more professional image to their clients and associates.

Letting you have one or more virtual phone numbers, the virtual PBX for business addresses incoming calls following the client’s choice to one or more different phone numbers.

This tool allows other collaborators to manage, despite their location without the clients who call noticing.

Making the choice of a virtual PBX is a beneficial solution since it allows scale economies and the access to many functionalities which were inaccessible before due to their high costs.

With a virtual PBX for business, and no more inconveniences related to the necessary equipment , with no need of maintenance or the difficult calls management from now on only an internet connection is needed to enjoy the virtual PBX services.

Aren’t you convinced already?

One (not exhaustive) list of the virtual PBX advantages:

→ A gain in space

→ Simplicity

→ The most economical and efficient option

→ Flexibility and mobility for the users

→ Future investment

→ variety of functionalities

→ the are no programs, no equipment, only internet

→ A more professional image

→ Simplifying calls management

→ Access to calls statistics.

Diverse virtual PBX for business offers are available. The use of a very technique terminology in each website could scare someone, but you can see clearly which companies have better deals than others. Check in order to get the best deals.