The teleworking, in the digital era, is the most coveted form of working. With this new working model, which is marked by the use of the Internet, e-commerce, and the entrepreneurship, Virtual PBX from home will make it possible.

In order to work from home, we need to count on technology that will allow us to perform our activity without being physically present at the office. The first indispensable element is to have a computer which is the main working tool to fulfill your actions, no matter if you are an owner of the company, you are in the process of starting an idea or you are employed by others.

Clearly, by being stuck to the computer, we will find the need of an Internet network that will allow us to stay connected. To share the content, send emails, store files in the cloud, investigate, and many other facilitates that the Internet offers us.

In the case of working in the company with employees and that you want to add major value to the client through the customer support service, you should count on a virtual PBX phone system. With the appearance of virtual PBX from home, unlike it was with the traditional ones, you can be anywhere in the world without the need of staying at the office, and answer all the calls with the same effectiveness as if you were there. According to the number of extensions you need, you can choose the Virtual PBX from home that adapts better to your business. With this tool, you will be able of making and receiving phone calls, and control your employees from home. What is more, it offers some interesting features. If you need any further information, enter the website of Fonvirtual.

If you already have these tools, you are now ready to work from home.

Working from home is a really coveted lifestyle by most people since it allows saving the time of traveling to the work, being more flexible for the familiar environment and the social life, and in many cases, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

But to make the working from home function with the virtual PBX from home, we should not fall into the common errors that lead to the lack of productivity and keep in mind the following aspects. And of course, we should be committed and self-disciplined.


1) Workplace for the Virtual PBX from home

In the beginning, it is important to prepare in your house workplace similar to an office, with a table and a chair (remember that you will stay there for many hours, so you will need a comfortable one). It will allow having a work environment where you will be able to concentrate better, and you will work more effectively. This way you will avoid the typical error of working from your couch or bed, that besides turning out to be less productive, can lead you to the problems with your back as you do not sit in a good position.


2) Clothing for the Virtual PBX from home

Avoid wearing your pyjamas. Taking a shower, having breakfast and wearing the clothes that we would wear in the office, even that it might seem ridiculous, will help us to have a major predisposition to work.


3) Set your working hours for the Virtual PBX from home

It is essential to set the time you are going to work according to your characteristics, and what is best for your business. The time of beginning and time of finishing, both equally important to fulfill. It does not mean that from time to time you cannot change it a little bit, but what is important is to be used to a routine. Your body and your mind respond better when you have a set timetable.


4) Plan your work for the Virtual PBX from home

The most important is to know what you have to do. For that, you need to have established your metas, and strong goals that will allow you to plan your weeks according to the achievement of them. A good idea would be to plan your week with anticipation, and then follow the procedures you have chosen. It is possible that sometimes the work will take more time than you thought (we are not always lucid equally) or even that you will finish much faster than expected. What you will do in these situations is up to you.





5) Avoid distractions for the Virtual PBX from home

On the Internet, there is a wide quantity of information and options. It implies many distractions, from checking your social media to see what is going on to watching a typical video with Google’s logo on their main page. It is important to avoid these distractions. The good idea is to establish times for breaks, this way, you will not be tended by so many distractions while you are working.


6) Monitor your actions for the Virtual PBX from home

Making a periodical monitoring where you will see if you are achieving your established goals and if your work gives positive results is essential to make your business succeed. By evaluating the results, you will be able to take decisions of improvement, and you will discover your strengths and weaknesses, what will allow you to work consequently.


7) Take advantage of the flexibility for the Virtual PBX from home

Working all day at home can be exhausting. Not everything has to be that disciplinary. You can take advantage of the days you have fewer tasks and, for example, go to the cafe and make your work from there. It will give you a change of the airs, what you will perceive as the increase of your motivation. Traveling also helps.


By working anywhere with the virtual PBX from home, you can use the time however you want, and it will help you to have a more comfortable life and adjust it to your personal situation. But remember, work is work, and it requires commitment. You need to be responsible no matter where you are, and it is important not to influence your productivity with this change otherwise, it will be better to change your strategy and go back to the office.


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