A hotel can be seen as a short and long term private place for guests. It is a public establishment with a commercial character that offers rooms to its visitors and guests. When booking a room in a hotel, it might be due to different reasons: a family trip, business meetings, or just pleasure. We can travel alone, accompanied, etc. Regardless of the reason or the type of people who visit them, hotel rooms are open to everyone’s reservation. Let´s see in this article why a virtual PBX for hotels could be a fantastic tool.

Of course, when talking about a hotel room, a well-furnished bed is expected with sheets, furniture and all the standard accessories that hotels usually provide wherever we stay. But from all these accessories you can find in a hotel room, one of them is the telephone.

Nevertheless, through this telephone line the guest can contact the room service with no need of leaving the room. Without the telephone, the customer is forced to spend most of his time in reception to drop off his orders, which is quite uncomfortable. But… imagine that the hotel provides you with different personalized 24/7 contact features that are adapted to your necessities so far.


WebRTC virtual PBX for hotels


Nowadays, with the virtual PBX WebRTC, it is possible. Say goodbye to physical phone lines and provide the customer with an extension on your mobile associated with your room and customer data through which you can call the hotel service from wherever you are. You never know when they are going to need something from you!

A good hotel allows its customers to transmit their needs using the virtual PBX for hotels, through internal calls, comfortably and not only from their room but from anywhere.




The usefulness of a virtual PBX for hotels


Most of the well-known hotels dispose of telephone service in the cloud, which provides greater comfort for customers instead of the traditional telephone service. This virtual PBX covers aspects such as the interest and maximum satisfaction of the guests throughout their stay, as well as guaranteeing a quality service in hotels management.

Before highlighting the usefulness of this communication tool in tourism companies, a brief reminder of the definition of virtual PBX.

“It is a business communication system that allows managing internal and external calls of a company, without the need of buying IP equipment or performing software or hardware installations. The virtual switchboard of Fonvirtual allows access to all calls through WebRTC, that is, with any device connected to the Internet and from anywhere in the world “

Moreover, a virtual PBX for hotels is essential because of the reasons explained below:


1) Room’s booking and management

A hotel receives numerous clients every day. And, most of them, make the reservations of the rooms and the services of the hotel via telephone calls. Having a virtual PBX for hotels, in these cases, is a great advantage.


2) Personalized treatment

Main virtual PBX for hotels functions allow the most prepared agent for the call to attend it, according to the needs requested by the client in the options menu, that are systematically lead in an intelligent way.


3) Internal messaging

The workers themselves and between departments will be able to hold conversations through internal chat, dissemination of messages, messages that are directed to a single worker, messages that reach a higher scope of agents from a specific department, etc.


4) Adaptation to the host client’s mother tongue

Hotels receive customers from all over the world. Therefore, in order to be able to offer them virtual numbers associated with the switchboard of their respective countries, they can call the hotel without international costs, and it is also possible to know the origin of the call and direct it to the agent who speaks such language.


The professional telephony services offered by Fonvirtual offer hotels a wide range of features that will enable them to offer excellent customer service. More information about virtual PBX for hotels and other services on our website.

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