Why a parking?

It seems to be obvious, isn’t it? Before pointing out the reasons that explain why a Virtual PBX for parking could help you to find an ideal and safe place to park your vehicle, first let’s give a brief reminder of terminology.

The term “to park” refers to a vehicle designed to be allowed its users to park their vehicles safely. Parking is not only for road users, but it also plays a key role in protecting the environment and that drivers turn off their engines, thus reducing the emission of CO2 that pollutes and destroys the ozone layer. This CO2 emission occurs every time a driver starts the engine and begins driving. Which, in other words, responds indirectly not only to the purpose of the car parks, but also to its long-term usefulness from an environmental point of view.


Obtain your parking easily using a virtual PBX


Whether it’s a covered car park in the basement of a building, a closed parking lot with several floors and ramps, or even an outdoor parking lot exposed to daylight, you can find a place to park your vehicle. Parking might be very annoying. Under the phenomenon of traffic jam or distant parking zones, or the fact that they are costly, it is better to protect yourself with a foolproof trick that allows you to park in a parking lot as soon as possible. What is better than a virtual PBX for parking that solves this type of problem?




Services provided by a virtual PBX for parking.


At the site, dial the number of a virtual PBX to get all the information related to it to easily park in the nearest parking lot as soon as possible.


1) Fast and efficient booking anywhere:


Once you have made the phone call to a Virtual PBX to find parking, you will have access to information about the city you are in and the parking available. During this telephone conversation, you will also be asked to provide more information about the length of your parking time to keep you informed about the rate that will be applied for the parking usage.


2) Automated management at the entrance and exit of car parks.


Finding parking is not enough to be able to park. Provided that many parkings are restricted to its workers or hotel guests, it might be a tough task to access to a parking as a current user. Many car parks today have an automatic system that works according to each vehicle that faces the entrance barrier. These automatic barriers are usually equipped with cameras that are used to read number plates of vehicles. It is not allowed to enter these parkings without being identified or without permission to access.


In addition to the hands-free option, the virtual PBX for parking also allows you to register and obtain an access code that must be entered at the parking entrance.


3) An economic choice.


In the car parks, you will find different types with prices that may vary. To avoid any inconvenience or unpleasant surprises with respect to the price of parking, it would make sense to go through a switchboard. During this call, you can ask all your questions to get an accurate idea of ​​the parking cost. This way, you can park according to your daily budget.

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