The variety of virtual PBX phone systems allows you to choose the most appropriate solution according to the needs of each company. Globalisation and the acceleration of exchanges have put the Internet at the heart of our communications. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing virtual PBXs, which have gradually replaced the traditional telephone PBXs we know until now. In fact, the business telephony sector is currently undergoing major changes.

What are the telephone PBXs that have taken over the market today? What innovations have been developed in this field and what are the most suitable solutions for companies? Traditional telephone PBXs or virtual PBXs, each one brings advantages and disadvantages.  We will take stock of each of these two pillars of communication.


Telephone PBXs for traditional companies


Traditional telephone PBXs have long been at the forefront of this market. They have evolved over time, but their overall performance remains the same.

The voice is transported in a classical analogue network from the sender to the recipient of the call.

The costs of this type of PBX are important in terms of installation and permanence over time, as they require maintenance and quickly become obsolete.

An important budget has to be foreseen for the installation:

  • Cost of acquisition of the PBX
  • Programming cost
  • Cost of software
  • Cost of installation of each additional post


The rapid obsolescence and globalization of commerce have allowed the introduction of new PBX solutions: virtual PBXs. They provide flexibility and ease of installation and use far superior to those offered by classic PBXs.


Virtual PBX phone systems have replaced traditional communication models


The virtual PBX


The revolution in corporate telephony is underway: virtual PBX phone systems have taken the main role and their notoriety and importance will not cease to increase.

A virtual PBX allows voice to be transmitted in packets like any other data over an Internet network. The costs are much lower than installing a traditional telephone PBX, as no additional equipment other than a computer, smartphone, tablet or any other Internet connection (4G or Wifi) is needed to access the service.

You can hire a virtual PBX service adapted to your needs. You will enjoy many additional features that will increase and give added value to your telephone attention.


Quality telephone attention for customers


Fonvirtual’s communications solutions enable business customers to benefit from tailored and personalized telephone service. Fonvirtual also offers multiple functionalities in its services, improved business image and high quality.

We offer all the solutions offered by a traditional PBX, plus additional functionalities and necessary added value:

  • Welcome messages
  • A voice menu to direct the call to the service, or the requested person
  • Call recording to keep track of all your communications
  • Different time configurations adapted to days and opening times
  • Transfer calls from one agent to another
  • The management of queues with musical background
  • A voicemail so you don’t miss any calls
  • Identification of incoming calls
  • Call Statistics
  • Transcription of your calls

Our offer can be completely adapted to the needs of each company. If you need mobility, ease of use, flexibility, adaptability… All these advantages can be enjoyed thanks to Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX phone systems.