The telecommunications market has seen a revolution and opportunity with the advent of new technologies. These allow better management of calls for all types of companies. Nowadays, there are innovative tools to manage internal, incoming or outgoing calls in a uniform way. Taking stock of traditional telephone PBXs: they present limitations with respect to new technologies that emerge slowly and offer revolutionary communications solutions to companies. A virtual PBX service is a digitally configured PBX. However, the analogue configuration has become obsolete. Digitization, on the other hand, facilitates the management of the PBX itself and facilitates its use.

The traditional PBX finds it difficult to remain competitive with a virtual PBX service. The lack of flexibility and the costs associated with its purchase, use and maintenance have meant that it has gradually been replaced by its substitute: the virtual PBX service.


Manage calls from the cloud with Fonvirtual


A PBX (Automatic Private Branch Exchange) allows the connection of all types of calls: internal, incoming or outgoing. Call management is optimized and unified.

Today, some limitations have been demonstrated in traditional PBXs: the impossibility of integrating portable or mobile devices, the inflexibility of the system and large investments in materials and maintenance. Virtual PBXs are the solution to these problems. These can give the flexibility that classic PBXs cannot offer. In addition, it allows access to calls and their configuration from the cloud and, therefore, from anywhere.

Virtual PBX service, a solution that adapts to all types of companies with a wide range of available and value-added functionalities.


virtual PBX service


Features of our virtual PBX service


Our solution makes it possible to manage all the functionalities available for traditional high-end telephone exchanges, but with a much simpler and more accessible configuration.

# Welcome voice-over

You can choose the message you want to transmit to the company’s header number as the first contact.

# Menu of options

The options menu allows you to better target the call to the requested person, according to the needs of the caller.

# Call Recording

Call recording allows you to store all the information exchanged during phone calls. You will have the possibility to save them and access them.

# Schedule configuration

Different configurations can be created depending on your company’s opening hours as well as closing days.

# Call transfer

Call Forwarding allows any user to forward an incoming call to another agent. In addition, auto-transfer allows the call to be sent to another agent if the initial recipient does not respond after a pre-defined deadline.

# Queue management

When you receive a volume of calls that cannot be processed at the same time, you can set the caller to wait a certain period of time while listening to music.

# Voicemail

Allows the company to leave a message if the calls cannot be answered at that instant. This message is sent via email to the company’s assigned email in mp3 format.

# Caller identification

The application allows identifying the appellant’s number, as well as the option he has marked in the options menu, through micro locutions.

# Statistics

Statistics reports are accessible at any time to know the calls answered, unattended, lost, number of minutes made, etc..

# Transcription of calls

A virtual PBX service allows you to transcribe the conversation of calls for better understanding, archiving and management.

# Filtering by caller

You can adapt the language of the messages to the country of origin of the call. You also have the possibility to make some calls in the blacklist so as not to be disturbed, or even in the white list to offer superior attention.


If you are a company and are interested in our virtual PBX service or other of our cloud services, do not hesitate to contact us to study a tailor-made solution.

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