In your daily life, do you find your telephone call service too expensive? Do you lose important calls due to your mobility? Or are you saturated with receiving calls when you are doing an urgent task? If the answer is yes, and you see a malfunction of the telephone service you use, and therefore, an incorrect telecommunications system of your company, you can be sure that you are in the right place. Let us advice you about the virtual PBX service.

Fonvirtual welcomes you and offers a wide range of useful and innovative suggestions. These are essential for companies looking to develop the necessary assets and tools to adapt to the technological trend and the continuous development of computer systems.

In addition to ensuring that you provide the best care and service to your company’s employees and customers, Fonvirtual will also present solutions to every service problem you encounter. This is what makes Fonvirtual different and unique in the market. It is also your desire to provide a true way of communication with a guaranteed good service.


As a comparison, the old phone system allows you to take the phone lines from your local operator and then use a switch to automate some standard phone actions. For example, call forwarding and standby music, but always using analog technology. This type of system has shown its limits, especially with the rapid development of the IT world and the emergence of new technologies. The digital transformation became a necessity in companies and it was needed to adopt a better technology than the previous one. This technology is properly called Voice over IP or VoIP.

What is VoIP technology for virtual PBX service?

VoIP telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a technology that enables the transmission and reception of calls over the Internet. The sound conversation is transformed into data packets that the IP network transmits to the recipient instead of going through the traditional telephone network.

Today, VoIP telephony has taken a leading role in the telecommunications sector, due to its ability to easily exchange between different users, whether individuals, organizations or businesses. Individuals are also forced to exchange calls because of globalization and the changes the world is facing. Thanks to VoIP telephony they will be able to communicate with national and international interlocutors at a lower cost, this will bring many advantages over traditional telephony.

Previously, companies had to subscribe one line in each country and then pay the roaming fee for its use abroad. Now, thanks to VoIP telephony and international virtual numbers, entrepreneurs can subscribe to a virtual number of these countries, from their country and without roaming cost. The Internet operation allows the use of these international phone number on a smartphone, a computer and even a tablet without having to worry about the cost of calls.

Fonvirtual’s main advantage in the market is its price: Fonvirtual’s VOIP telephony call costs are incomparable, and the added value of the additional features (which are included) is unlimited. In fact, in addition to offering you a block of numbers in every corner of the world, Fonvirtual adds countless high-end virtual PBX service features such as: welcome message, interactive voice menu, caller ID, free incoming call diversion, music queues, voicemail, call recording, schedule configuration, configuration access, call statistics and more.

Fonvirtual offers numbers from any region or country. You can also keep your current number, whichever you prefer and is more convenient for you.

It also offers a variety of extensions to which you can forward your calls, through a computer, tablet or mobile with a free application. What makes Fonvirtual different in its service is the WebRTC technology it uses, rather than the obsolete SIP protocol.

The WebRTC technology for virtual PBX service

Until recently, the industry standard product was the SIP protocol. However, WebRTC-based telephony solutions are now gaining traction very quickly.

The WebRTC protocol is an open source project supported by Google, Mozilla, and Opera, among others.

The main benefit is that it eliminates most of the disadvantages of the SIP protocol. You no longer have to worry about configuring routers, IP phones or softphones, the only thing you need is for your computer to have a browser. Just enter a user code and password for the system to work. The SIP protocol needs a fixed bandwidth to work, while the WebRTC is dynamic and adapts to the quality of the connection and therefore eliminates voice outages.

It is a useful system for mobile networks that are less stable and for sales staff or positions that need mobility. The person can install the application on their mobile to receive and make calls with the WebRTC extension and enjoy HD quality from anywhere, with the PBX service.

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