Recently, there has been an increasing number of law firms that require administrative services. These services can handle the growing amount of organizational and bureaucratic issues. They may also give consulting or legal advice. In order to answer and assists clients as efficiently as possible, many firms are opting for a virtual PBX telephony system that is capable of managing the influx of calls law firms receive, mainly during peak hours.

In addition, new law firms are able to customize how they receive their calls, and who is calling them.


So what exactly is a virtual PBX?


Virtual PBX stands for Virtual Private Branch Exchange, which is may also known as a cloud PBX. Most businesses have some form of a PBX, which is basically just the private phone network you may have within your company. However, a virtual PBX telephony can also consists of a WebRTC IP telephone system, which does not require expensive equipment or installation services. Because it is virtual, you can access your company phone network online through any web browser, or access it through an app on your cell phone. For lawyers, this means you can take or make calls from any location. You will no longer need to be in an office all day in case you receive an important phone call. Because of WebRTC, the virtual PBX is incredibly adaptable, making calls simple and practical.

A virtual PBX’s functions are far from a traditional call center. This type of virtual phone network includes statistic on all of your calls so you know how many different client calls you are receiving. It also lets you customize menu options, schedules, call transfers, or caller ID. You can also adjust how long you want particular clients to stay on hold. You can customize the virtual PBX telephony in any way you would like to best suit your office’s needs. 


virtual PBX telephony


Boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your office


WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), which is included in a virtual PBX telephony, was initially developed by Google. It allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet from any connected device, including computers, cell phones or tablets. Because of this, managing calls that are received every day at your local law firm has never been easier.

By being able to access your calls from any computer or cellphone, you will never have to worry about a missed client call again. Experts recommend using a pair of noise-canceling headphones with a mic to enjoy a hands-free option of receiving calls. This allows you to continue using your screen so that you may multitask and continue making searches on your cellphone or computer.

It is also important to note the importance of communication between the team of attorneys and the calls between departments. You can also track the amount of incoming calls each day and know exactly where they’re going. Calls can also be prioritized depending on the needs of each office or department. A virtual call center software, otherwise known as a cloud contact center  that used a virtual PBX that can be customizable for a lawyers needs is the most efficient phone system, especially in a field where time is valuable and irreversible.


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