A Virtual PBX VoIP in your company allows you to provide efficient customer service.


Today, telecommunications are vital for business development and growth. The new trend based on IP voice overcomes the disadvantages of the SIP protocol such as network problems. That way you can achieve the best connection with your customers, with your own virtual PBX VoIP.


What is a virtual PBX VoIP?


A virtual PBX VoIP consists of a modern IP telephony network, which makes it possible for your company to have several telephone numbers, extensions and facilities to meet the needs of your customers, through calls, chat and online conferences.

Another concept that you may not know is IP voice telephony, which is the new way to communicate over the Internet, with very low costs and unsurpassed quality. In this case, the information is transmitted digitally, through IP data, through the Internet.

The virtual PBX offered by Fonvirtual is based on modern IP technology, the WebRTC. This new system is at the forefront of telecommunications, leaving behind the traditional telephone companies.

Now that you know what a PBX is, these are the multiple advantages of applying this type of technology in telecommunications in your company.


Advantages of a virtual PBX VoIP


  1. You don’t need to buy expensive physical PBX.
  2. It does not need maintenance, nor specialized personnel to use it.
  3. It does not require large connections to work.
  4. Its quality/price/benefit ratio is much better than the traditional PBX.
  5. You can access the virtual PBX VoIP from any device that has an Internet connection (computers, mobile phones, tablets …).
  6. Your workers can use it from anywhere in the world. In this way, they can serve your customers from wherever they are.
  7. You will have a low-cost PBX, with the security of having safe and high-quality communications.


If you still find a few advantages mentioned, in this entertaining video you can see many more.

If you purchase Fonvirtual’s services, you will be able to enjoy the best consultancy in the market in everything related to telecommunications and virtual PBXs for companies.


Why choose a virtual PBX VoIP?


The virtual PBX VoIP works through the IP protocol, which assures you services at low cost and at the same time calls with HD quality.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that, by having an advanced IP telephony system, you can keep your contact number already known by your customers, with which you can improve communications and growth of your business.

If you do not have a phone number or want to purchase a new number, with the Fonvirtual virtual PBX VoIP service you can be assigned one of the region or country you want. That way, you will begin to enjoy the multiple benefits of this new technology.

When it comes to acquiring a new service for your company, it is not enough to know the advantages, it is also important to know which are the functionalities that this technology can provide.




What can my company do when it has a virtual PBX VoIP?


  1. Welcome message. Do not leave your customers waiting on the phone and let them know that soon they will be attended in the best way.
  2. You can establish a options menu, which allows you to lead your customers to the most appropriate department, to attend their request.
  3. You will be able to know who is calling you, through the caller ID option.
  4. Your employees will have the ability to transfer calls between extensions or have the opportunity to have the customer on hold, while listening to pleasant music, without additional costs.
  5. You can let your customers know that their request is important, but that they are working to serve them as quickly as possible.
  6. You will be able to record the calls that your company receives, with the aim of improving the quality of attention to your clients.
  7. You will have access to call statistics, so you will know the performance of your company’s communications.


With a Fonvirtual virtual PBX VoIP, you will have all these features applied to improve the care you provide to your customers, with low rates and the help, at all times, of experts who will advise you.


How do I know if my virtual PBX VoIP service is quality?


I already know the advantages and functionalities that the virtual PBX VoIP brings to my company, but now I must choose the offer that best suits my needs and the best quality. How do we do it?

Points that ensure you have a reliable and quality virtual PBX VoIP:

  1. The phone company has a stable service.
  2. Technical assistance at all times, which immediately resolves the problems.
  3. You have a user manual to clarify basic doubts. Remember that, for more advanced doubts, you have the technical service of the virtual PBX VoIP.
  4. Unlimited access to all the tools offered by a PBX.


If you have a telecommunications company that provides all these advantages and also offers the best quality in your calls, do not hesitate to hire their services.

When you acquire communication services with professionals, they will propel your company towards a safe expansion. Consequently, your clients, collaborators and suppliers will be happy and satisfied.


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