In the digital era in which we are right now it is fundamental for companies to have processes that are flexible and dynamic. These processes must allow a fresh performance of the company activities and they must adjust to changes which are continuously taking place in the environment as well. Without a doubt one of these processes must be customer service. Thanks to the expansion of online companies is much easier to operate and offer your products or services in places that are quite far away. It also entails few inconveniences such as the difficulties of solving problems or doubts of those clients that are far away. For this situation the best solution is to own a virtual phone number for business and to set a PBX service on it.


What is a virtual phone number for business?


A virtual phone number for business is defined as a phone number that is hosted in the cloud and diverts incoming calls to other lines so the line never gets collapsed. Since it is stored in the cloud, this virtual phone number for business or international phone number gives you the possibility to choose a number from any place you want. For example, you can have a virtual phone number Hungary and serve your Hungarian clients even if you are not physically present in that country. Furthermore, it allows adding personalized features to the calls.


What features can I add to my virtual phone number for business?


Virtual phone numbers for business can be set according to each client needs. For example, if you represent a big company with multiple departments you will be able to address each call to its correspondent department, or on the contrary, if you are a small company and you want to give the image of a multinational company you will be able to do so as well.

virtual phone number for business

Within the different features we can find on the settings of our virtual phone number for business we can find:


  • Recorded messages: recorded messages with real voice recorded one by one. For example “ You are speaking with…” “ Our commercial schedule is from X to X hours…”” At the moment all our operator are busy….”


  • Call branching: Most known as automatic branching. This feature englobes the classic messages such as  “ If you wish to speak with the commercial department press 1, press 2 if you wish to speak with management for other matters, please wait” “ If you wish to speak with our London press 1, Manchester office press 2 or Cardiff office press 3”


  • Caller ID: Because it is a services that diverts calls to other lines, it is important to know which are the virtual phone number incoming calls are which are not. This is possible since if it is a virtual phone incoming call it would appear a prefix on the screen that tells it, so it would be easy to identify which are personal calls are which are business calls.It is possible to use a short recorded message that only the owner of the virtual phone number will be able to hear.


  • Call queuing with music: No one likes to wait, and you don’t like to make your clients wait either. Although a call queue is needed it is possible to make it less tedious if we add a melody instead of those boring and repetitive tones.


  • Voice mail: In those cases in which you are not able to answer a call we can send it to a voicemail that will directly be sent to your email address.


  • Call recorder: very useful for controlling orders or the quality of the customer service. Access to records from the client’s panel.


  • Schedules: in order to set different settings during and outside the commercial hours or to make a distinction between different periods such as vacation, holidays or other special occasions


  • Access to settings: In order to enable your access to your settings and you can make your own changes independently.


  • Statistics: You will be able to analyze your performance with a bunch of reports about answered calls, unanswered calls, missed calls…


  • Outcoming calls: You will be able to show your main phone number from other landline or cell phone lines.

These are only a few features that can be added to a virtual phone number for business.  In order to get more information, you can check our website or send your questions through our application form.

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